Holiday Feast For At Home: Summer Souvenirs As Deco

The summer holidays are over, the holiday tan gives our complexion a fresh look to the island of Crete and the home from home to the small romantic fishing village lanes as well as from the white sand beach.

But how do we put the summer holidays from the holiday best in scene? Here are some tips for you!

The classic from every beach holiday are collected mussels and a jar of sand. I always fill the sand at home in a jam or jar, put the most beautiful shells and then put a funny holiday photo in the sand. Together with another ice umbrella as a “sunshade” and a little sign from which this souvenir comes from, you have an original memory of the most beautiful time of the year.

Even faster decorated are sand and mussels naturally in a beautiful flat bowl. Perhaps you bought a miniature beach basket in one of the many promenade shops on the German north or east seas;Which fits then excellently.

If you have brought your herbs and spices from your travels, you can put them in nice, small bottles. Write in your most filigree letter  on a piece of paper, what it is in the bottle and attach it with pretty yarn. In open shelves, or on a beautiful tray, your kitchen turns into an exotic cook.

Have you picked the most beautiful summer bouquet of your life in the mountains of Carinthia? Please do not throw the dried flowers away! Pick out the most beautiful flowers, squeeze them at home perhaps in a thick heavy book and then finish them in a beautiful picture frame. So you can keep the feeling for a long time as the grass tickled under your feet when you picked the bouquet.

When I went on a tour with my friend last year, I could not stroll through any of these sweet little markets without buying at least one kitchen utensil. So for two weeks Roadtrip then gradually piled sieves, wooden trowels and spoons as well as wooden boards in our suitcases. What has just been commented on by my friend with a head-shaking and rolling-eye, is now adorned by our hallways, kitchens and window sills. The vintage screen has found its place on our kitchen window sill between basil and cut villagers. I hung the colorful painted wooden beams on our wall in the corridor, over an old chest, and the filigree decorated wooden boards now stand like small pictures in our open kitchen shelves. Every time I see her cooking in the morning, I think of the warm sun of Croatia.

What I can not miss, are postcards. No matter whether it is beautiful landscapes or art prints in card format: I never leave a city, or vacation village, without a thick stack of cards in my luggage. At home, the finds are then sorted and evaluated. Those who have made it into the “final”  get their place in a beautiful picture frame, on our living room wall. After almost every holiday or city trip, the maps are exchanged, or connected, so that the decoration changes again and again and it does not get boring.

Just when you go to Spain, you really do not come around to bring a fan as a vacation souvenir.

This can be attached to a wall at home or placed in an open shelf, or display cabinet. Spanish flair is guaranteed at home. Olé!

Also an eye-catcher in the home, are painted colorful, large fruit bowls from the holiday. Whether with, or without sweet fruits, the shells look beautiful. You only have to make sure that you secure the bowl and wrapped it in paper. Not that your home is just a big cullet. If you put the typical fruit varieties from your Reiseland in your holiday home at your home, you also have a culinary reminder of your summer holiday.

Such beautiful colorful painted fruit bowls are available in many southern holiday countries. They look great on every kitchen table.

I hope you have been given enough inspiration how you can decorate your favorite holiday pieces and keep the most beautiful memories of the relaxing time on the beach, in the mountains, or at the lake.