Honor, Which Proposes a Huawei The Young European ‘Manufacturer’

Yesterday they unveiled part of a new strategy of one of the biggest phone manufacturers around the world. Huawei presented a new brand with the intention to pull in Europe among the younger public, as they already do many others.

Is it revealed Honor, a new ‘maker’ nested at the moment in the lap of the networking giant. We will see in detail how it is and will be this particular way to bring the line Honor to Europe and its causes and consequences, in a market that already appears to be near its saturation point and at risk of falling in the form of abrupt.

In the Mise en scène of yesterday, Honor was presented as a new brand. Allusions to the ‘mother’ company were told way, almost non-existent. Honor comes under the leadership of Jeff Liu, the Chairman of the new company still ‘under construction’, but with all the support of the giant, we will now see why.

For the ‘digital native’

During the presentation of Honor they emphasized the approach of user that were intended for. It is not a new brand to replace by Huawei in Europe (at least at the moment). Huawei remains as the brand “for everyone, which may include your mother and even your grandmother”, commented yesterday a spokesman for the brand to the Spanish media there present.

Honor comes with a daring, juvenile,… renewed focus and Western. Going for that ‘digital native’, mainly young audience that is abreast of innovations in the technological world.

Here the effort to stand out from the Huawei brand reminiscent of the case lived with OnePlus. Let us remember that this situation, although it does not entirely clear and would be something better concealed, leads to as Oppo who could be driving its expansion as a brand. Phones range high price of demolition, with debated specifications online, ignoring the user, raising dust and building a brand.

Development, distribution channel and user feedback

Jeff Liu, President of Honor, right.

This is precisely the way that want you to Honor. A brand with an independent development, targeted as a manufacturer based in Europe, subtracting perception of ‘Chinese manufacturer’. Honor emphasized in its facilities in many countries of Europe, with design in capitals like Paris or London centres.

The distribution of Honor is based primarily on the online.

Its distribution is essentially based on the online, and is currently their only proposal in the roadmap. At the moment in Spain we find them through Amazon, with the usual operation. Honor us confirms that they are not intended to be distributed through operators, is not in their plans.

Never settle sounds you this image?

The approach is slightly different from that you see in OnePlus with its One. Perhaps the specifications seem not so tasty (no Snapdragon here, they remain in the Kirin 920), but since Honor promise that there will be cuts stock or availability. Phones can be purchased, no more headaches and without having to go to eBay to buy invitations.

One of the most striking points of this new brand is the request active feedback to the user. Through your Facebook page, your Twitter profile or your web site. Based on this feedback, they explain that they will bring future products, they promise to listen to them and they are open to new wearable or tablet type devices (they say depends on what demanding users in this feedback).

The range, one step ahead of its price

Devices of which we spoke yesterday were the 6 Honor, with great performance and specifications of the mark, in addition to a good design for 300 euros; and Honor 3 c, a range mean that you arrive in mid November with some pretty interesting specifications for 140 euros.

Both with front camera of 5 megapixels and signed by Sony, rear sensors come with batteries above the average and resolutions in 1080 and 720 p in five-inch, so promise low Super performance Android 4.4. While the 3 c was yesterday in the background, to the 6 Honor if we could take the glove and first impressions are good.

The great unknowns: intention and differentiation

Still some confusion, fleet line Honor belongs to Huawei in other countries as the Asian giant, and this 6 Honor comes a couple of months later to this ‘new brand’ than the original in China and other countries where there is, as Malaysia.

We had yesterday the representatives of this new brand, Honor comes as such, and would be only at the moment when they used some of the infrastructures of Huawei as the centers of customer that we have in Europe. It points to it try to distancing themselves, perhaps by image, the giant, making Honor line devices reach Europe, at good prices and with online distribution for lower costs.

The question here is why do it creating a new brand and not taking advantage of the marketing efforts that already tightened Huawei in Spain, with campaigns as powerful as the Atletico de Madrid. In Berlin they thrown balls off with the fact that Honor 6 is already in China Huawei phone.

points that you want to set aside part of the image of ‘Chinese manufacturer that makes white-label phones operators’ front to the public more youthful and more since technologically, as others have done as Wiko or OnePlus.

Time points to who want to set aside part of the image of ‘Chinese manufacturer that makes white-label phones operators’ front to the public more youthful and more since technologically, as others have done as Wiko (a subsidiary of the giant Tinno Mobile) or OnePlus, with the more or less the same by Oppo.

With Honor, Huawei seeks to bring good specifications to best price. Jeff Liu said yesterday that its commitment to differentiation would come with better specifications than the competition, We understand, in a similar price range.

Honor wants to go it alone, at least operationally and in terms of image, although the first one way and then another. Perhaps with future original devices of this ‘manufacturer’ with those who get to approach this idea of brand genuinely young. Which devices you would see you in Honor? What were you in Honor 6-3 c?