How to Avoid Traces of Furniture on Our Walls

The Walls Sometimes Accumulate Traces of Furniture, Shoes and Dirt of All Kinds.

The walls sometimes accumulate traces of furniture, shoes and dirt of all kinds. You can save them by applying protection products.

Use of a wall protection

Manufacturers you offer products in Strip and plate of resin acrylovinyliques who are supposed to protect your walls from impact, scratches, various traces.

They come in various sizes, with a length of 2500 mm, a width between 100 to 600 mm and forming a thickness of 2 mm for protection strips. The plates are wider, 1220 mm for a same length and same thickness. Note that this is standard size.

You have the option to use the stain with a protective film which does not leave traces on your walls trained furniture. Simply apply a paint acrylic water erasing the defects on the wall. Once painted, it will constitute a protective veil. Your walls are reborn thanks to the application of the paint which becomes a shield anti shock resistant task.

Simpler maintenance and more decorative, wall coverings (in infinite patterns) are suitable to effectively protect your tasks and splashing, especially in the kitchen walls.

The cleaning of the wall

Walls require ongoing maintenance due to the daily attacks, traces of furniture, drawings in pencil or pens, dust…

The first instinct of cleaning is to remove the cobwebs and dust before the elimination of the duties. Then a soaked sponge in detergent on parts stained if your wall is the ‘leachable. It is advisable to extend the cleaning beyond the stained areas in order to preserve the consistency of the color of the wall.

If these treatments remain ineffective, apply to tasks a diluted mixture of soda in hot water.

In the case where your wall can get wet or rubbing, do clean magic sponge. Alternatively, you can make it by the passage of a stone of clay slightly moistened sponge. Small Tip: the potato raw cleans very well walls. To do this, cut each time the potato when it gets dirty. Use a damp cloth to remove the starch.