How to Choose the Dress according to Your Figure?

To choose the perfect wedding dress is very important so you can get an image that is versatile and lovely, with which you have to take into account the shape of the body that you are going to dress. Therefore, you must choose an ideal model which can highlight the best way your figure but that also conceals defects that achieved resolve or with more severe diet.

Narrow shoulders: If you have narrow shoulders, low bust and a hip wide, must balance by putting all the details at the top of the your wedding and also with a corset dress in varillado with decorations on the shoulders, sleeves, bright and with a neckline that preference is in form V to highlight a beautiful image of woman. Together the same happens with the shoulders and thin arms that should highlight with straps or a strapless princess dress detailed on Internetsailors.

Many curves: If you have a beautiful bust and wide hips with a well defined waist I recommend very tight dresses that can highlight your shapely body for a cute girlfriend.

If want to look higher: If your measure less than 1.60 cm stature is very convenient to use simple models and must above all avoid the shoulder straps, bulky sleeves and is preferable to choose long sleeves snug arms or short that may help you Stylize your figure. Together the tail should go according to the stature of the body that is not disproportionate and with which you have to try on a dress with high neck with an empire waist that garnish the appearance of your figure, in the same way another style of dress that usually your small figure can attach is to lay bare shoulders and neck , but above all be careful not to choose a dress that you recharge too.

If you are high: If you have a tall, thin figure you can resort to any kind of dress, provided you do not too high and without Forms. Therefore the ideal are the pronounced cleavages and with rolling sleeves that can create an optical effect of volume for a cute picture of bride. Together if you’re too high and with a build robust tries to wear a simple dress without embroidery with simple lines that can Stylize your figure and mostly avoids shoulder straps, straps crossed with skirts with long flight and wide planks.

If you’re too thin: You can choose a heavier fabric as it can be a velvet, satin or moire, so choose a blues bodice with a decorated waist and sleeves narrow to allow a cute feminine silhouette.

If you want to conceal your bust: You can choose a V-shaped collar or turtleneck that is usually appealing to a girlfriend, also avoids the Empire waists or you that emphasize larger busts. So a straight skirt, dress with A line or Bustier set with diaphanous skirt can give a very attractive girlfriend.

If you’re short-waist: A withdrawal waist may help you lengthen the torso because these designs mark the actual line, similarly if you are short waisted skirt of your dress should start a few centimetres below your waist and preference that may end at peak.