How To Combine LED Lighting And Decoration

The lighting must be part of the home decoration, an important part in addition, but on several occasions, we do not know how to combine lighting and furniture, to obtain a homogeneous and concordant result.

It is also advisable to light your home with LED lights, since they are easy to install, there are many colors and most importantly, contribute to energy savings.

Here are some ideas from for you to illuminate different spaces:

In the bedroom: you can install LED lights at the head of the bed to create a relaxed atmosphere . On the other hand, you can also use LED strips, to illuminate cabinets and dressing rooms. There are also countless ceiling and floor lamps that, with a suitable bulb color, create a relaxed and intimate atmosphere.

In the kitchen: if the doors of the cabinets are glass, you can install inside LED light, as decorative detail has no equal, is also a very practical trick. It is also interesting, the placement of LED strips, under the cabinets, to illuminate the countertop. This trick will help you to work in the kitchen more easily and you will save energy.

Passageways:  Usually, the corridors have no natural light, so it is important to illuminate for a comfortable result. A good idea is to place LED strips of warm light on the sides of the ceiling, or cold light on the sides of the floor.

Salon: in this case, it is advisable to create a cozy atmosphere. A good solution is to place LED strips in different places of the room and on the sides of the roof. You can also install lights with different intensities, depending on the area of ​​the room to be illuminated.

Exterior: There are LED lights for outdoor and can be used in different ways. For example, spotlights can be installed to light plants or trees. LED strips can also be used to delimit paths. On the other hand, there are lamps for the interior of the pool, which will give a decorative touch, very special.

Types of LED light: LED strips, in cold white color, create a more serious atmosphere. There are also warm LED lights, to give a more welcoming and personal tone. On the other hand, there is a fairly wide chromatic range of bulbs, to be able to decorate places like, pubs or restaurants.

Advantages of LED lights: With LED lights, you save up to 85% on light consumption in your home. The price is more expensive than the conventional light bulb, but it is amortized in a short time, since LED bulbs last up to 20 years.