How to Put Wall Stickers Up

All stickers are made ​​up of separate parts of vinyl. These dimensions are finished compositions. Vinyl stickers elements are arranged on the bearing pads in cellophane packages with dimensions 60sm h 90sm, such details must putt up and rearrange the desired base.

Depending on their arrangement can be obtained that an image to be respectively equal to, slightly greater or slightly less than that in the site. The options for assembling the elements can be modeled according to individual imagination. Avoid placing the stickers on surfaces subjected to excessive heating or cooling. The temperature of the surface on which sticks and temperature the sticker must be over 15°C. Avoid surfaces with varying temperatures or moisture! Clean very well where it will stick – is recommended to remove possible contaminants such as grease or dust. Often, the dust accumulated on walls or doors is invisible to the eye, but it prevents the creation of a stable relationship between the sticker and the base. Therefore the surface, even if it looks clean, better prepare. This is particularly important for rooms with fireplaces or appliances using solid fuel.

In the absence of a stable, clean basis, some stickers, especially those with finer details putting up! Adhesive stickers from are “removable”, ie specifications used adhesives allow their removal without visible traces. However, this makes them very sensitive to contaminants that can clog, after which the strength of the adhesive is greatly reduced. The elements can, if necessary, to cut out along with the supporting substrate and arranged directly on the surface by gently peeling off one end to be put in place for decorating, but by carefully drawing pad sticker to be stuck without a contact between fingers and the sticky side. This is particularly important in the finer details. When pollution sticky side of stickers or extra stability can be used dry or other adhesive of choice.

Adhesive Wall Sticker – Method of Affixing:
1. Select a flat, clean, dry surface. Take great care sticker from the sheet one by one. If necessary, before removing from the base, can precisely cut them into smaller parts.
2. Arrange sticky sides on a flat surface without pressing them, so to be able to separate and reposition again, if necessary.
3. If the result is satisfactory for you, squeeze firmly to the surface to eject the air bubbles out.
4. If there are still bubbles, take a needle to punch them.

Interior Sticker Transfer Bonding – Method of Affixing:

1. Thoroughly clean the surface where you will place the image.
2. Insert transfer ribbon on the image or skip this step if the film is already bonded. Gently rub the surface horizontally and vertically to allow transfer ribbon to adhere tightly to the image.
3. After the transfer ribbon is tightly, cut individual pieces if necessary.
4. Prepare design and arrange the picture until you are satisfied.
5. Carefully remove the back layer of the image.
6. Apply to the wall, but do not rub places without sticker. With a soft cloth or plastic card only rub gently on the image to remove the air.
7. Slowly and carefully peel off the transfer ribbon. Repeat the steps with more images.