Huawei G8 in the Test: the Phablet Super Tip?

Test conclusion: what you should know

The Huawei G8 offers superior flair at a mid-range price. The sharp display comes in a chic housing with a slightly thick edge. Memory and processor give no reason for the action. The equipment fits. Best price on the Internet: 349,00 euro * this product at Amazon order Pro sharp display good endurance good processing dual-SIM or memory card slot high pace of work contra battery not easily exchangeable test note of the editorial 2.57 satisfying user rating (out of 1 reviews), Huawei has an impressive model range at the start. Last, the top model Huawei P8 and the stripped-down but cheap variant appeared P8 Lite, the elegant Phablet Mate S, and the sensible alternative honor of 7. A Smartphone that combines the virtues of the aforementioned models comes with the Huawei G8: smart design, latest technology and cheaper price.


For the back side of the metal the honor was apparently 7. Only the grooved areas above and below, under which connect two antennas, some slick blend. The centrally placed fingerprint sensor is slightly recessed, the camera stands out a piece from the according to the manufacturer, 7.5 mm thin case for it. Our caliper insisted on 7.8 mm without and 10.1 mm with lens. The curved back passes seamlessly into the frame. The only two buttons, the volume rocker and the on – / off switch is located on the right side. You are well set and offer a pleasant pressure point. Opposite sits the card slot microsd taking two SIM cards (dual SIM) or a SIM, and a. The headphone jack sits on top, the micro-USB jack down.

Huawei G8 in detail

Small blemishes

The last ounce elegance prevents a 1 mm broad Kunstoffrahmen which separates the domed 2,5D-Glas from the metal frame ground to. You want to slide the screen prefer this piece into the housing. But this is whining at a high level and the G8 is much more elegant than the somewhat clumsy P8 Lite. It could be still handy, if it had not so a thick border around the display. Left and right after all, each 4 mm there are from the active image to the outer edge of the device. The Huawei that can better shows see the mate With the one-hand operation it is rather closely until impossible, nevertheless the G8 succeeded haptically.

Full HD under 2.5 d

The TFT display has a diagonal of 5.5 inches and resolves with 1920 x 1080 pixels. That’s super hot (401 ppi), more does not need it. In the vision test, the screen was no cause for criticism. The Laboratory determined however a mittelprachtige brightness and a rather low contrast (544:1) (435 cd / m ²). The glass curved at the edges (2.5) capping upwards tastefully from the whole thing.

Much memory or SIM

32 gigabyte (GB) memory are about 23 GB available. If you don’t need the second SIM card slot, can retrofit a microsd. Huawei is 64 GB as upper limit, but the test unit copes with cards with 128 GB. The memory is good sized and holds up to 3 GB for retrieval.

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OS and data center

Although not the fastest processor be used in the G8, but the 64-bit eight-core CPU Snapdragon 615 offers a high level of performance. Four cores with up to 1.5 ghz and four bars rödeln up a little more economical just to 1.2 ghz. It is joined by the graphics unit Adreno 405. In benchmarks the G8 must be but a significant gap to the top models like a Galaxy S6 or Sony Xperia Z5 premium. Demanding games, the more expensive high end cars squeeze more out of the chips a few frames. The Gigaset ME, for example, which relies on the powerful Snapdragon 810, creates higher values around 50 percent. A few benchmarks, see the screenshots at the end of the photo gallery. Is much more important than synthetic benchmarks in everyday life but that Android 5.1 without juddering runs and is given at the G8. The EMUI 3.1 interface is simple and some features are differently sorted and classified, but nothing that can not be found. Although there are weaknesses in the sunspider – and Futuremark benchmark, it is at the end of the intermediate grade of 1.86 for the operating and working speed.

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Cameras with 13 and 5 mega pixel

Huawei opts for a 13 megapixel camera resolution, autofocus and dual LED flash. In the test, acceptable photos appears thus in the local as well as in the remote area. The testers complained patchy picture noise and significant blur in poor lighting conditions. The receipt was the vision test touch 3.94 in daylight and 4.80 in low light. See this article linked for example photos in original resolution. In HDR mode, the motives are but intensely illuminated, but without a tripod, the danger of the shake is very high. It is located on the double exposure and also applies to other cell phone cameras, but a Samsung Galaxy S6 about is this effect is less pronounced. The videos were a bit dark in the test, and got only the grade of 3.40. Full-HD resolution with a maximum frame rate of 30 fps offers G8 standard costs. The front camera of the G8 resolves with 5 megapixels. The picture quality is decent, approaches with the touch of 2.80 but not to the top devices. Selfies offer still good colors, but suffering from Oversharpening and noticeable blur when coloured surfaces. However, was often not the person, but rather the background well lit (see example photo below the article). Thats the light but also a bit far on the day due.

Again a funny effect: the beauty mode moved the weather tanned editor at your fingertips the wrinkles from her face. But similarly strange, the result resembles a vollgepumtes Botox face.

Thicker battery

With 3,000 MAH, the prerequisites for the test were good and the G8 met the expectations. Approximately 12.5 hours runtime in the intensive usage profile and over 34 hours in moderate use belong to the advantages of the G8. For comparison: the chic, but rushed mate S with equally large display puts it only in 7.5 and 23.5 hours. The G8 outlasts the current Samsung Galaxys, Xperia but not enough iphone 6 S Z and Lumias, on Apple’s Phablets plus and plus up 6.

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In the network come with photos and videos via threesome LTE connection up to 50 mbit/s upstream. Downloads go up to 150 mbit / s place that is still dependent on the selected mobile phone tariff. 4.1 Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-n complete the list of radio interfaces. You do have ac Wi-Fi and the 5-gigahertz band. The transmission and reception of the LTE network is good and satisfactory in the UMTS network. In the hearing test, there were slight errors on the phone and in hands-free mode.