Ideas for Garden Lighting

One of the most beautiful decorations for the external area is the garden lighting. A well lit garden is perfect. Our today’s post is about this subject and we will give you tips to make your garden beautiful.

First lighting is made by points of light, which are small cannons pointing towards the floor or from the bottom up and in this case they are under the plants. It is the highlight of the garden decoration, illuminating the nature and leave the most handsome in it.

If your garden is large and have many details, such as small artificial lakes or sources, you can illuminate the whole perimeter with LED lamps (>>) and you can also do this on the sides of the roads, whether of stone or wood.

Low and delicate posts are also very common in garden and are more current than larger posts.

If you have a space in the garden to receive friends, this must be lit differently and more highlighted. Luminaires that illuminate in several directions are very welcome, but you always need a special lighting to show what is best in your garden, after all that’s why your garden is so beautiful.

Decorating with vases and cachepôs should not receive prominence only during the day. If you also have a decoration, put special light cannons to illuminate these pieces, so that they are very visible at night.

Previously, the decoration that was inside the earth was very complicated because there was a very big problem with humidity and the lamps did not support a long time. Today LED lighting market have revolutionized the garden.

The durability of LED light bulbs can reach 10 years and they consume very little power, so you can distribute them for your garden and your electricity bill will not rise too much. The downside is that these lamps are still guys.

In fact, in the long term, you benefit a lot. Because you will fail to pay electricity bill and this will compensate what you spent with the lamp.

You can choose a strong green lamp LED to put in your garden; the effect is sensational.

Generally, the reflectors are also great for the gardens and the outdoor areas. They illuminate the environment as a whole and assist in security of residence since you are trained on the entrance; you can see who is coming, but the visitor can’t see who is in the house.

Even combining the garden lighting with reflectors, it is also light and consume only 10 watts. If you compare with the old reflectors which consume 150 watts, you will see how economical it is.

The garden will be beautiful both day and night. Invest in good lighting and see who is going to be very worthwhile.

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