IPhone6: Apple Confirms The Successful Strategy of Samsung

It was not a surprise after so many leaks, but yesterday it was definitely confirmed how would be the new Apple iPhone. Apple finally abandons the small screen sizes (4 inches was a leap in the latest model but it remained away from what was presented by other brands) and there will be two models of iPhone6: 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch.

In addition the 5.5 inch model has some extra feature, as the stabilization of photos by hardware. I.e., we have two very similar terminals, larger screen to the current and also the biggest size has features extra (battery, is clear, and camera). Apple has confirmed so the strategy of Samsung in recent years was the correct.

Size of screen, users are demanding more

Samsung was the first manufacturer who bet strong on larger screens. It was not the first, as well as Apple was not the first to launch products which were then reference, but if that bet in a clear and winning way by this strategy. And we have confirmation that this was the right thing.

Users increasingly spend more time in front of their terminals and It is very comfortable to have a bigger screen. Apple has been denying the evidence so far, when we see a clear trend in the market. Yesterday Apple decided to leave the stubbornness to stagnate in size and launching clearly larger models. Samsung was doing the right thing, Apple, despite its staunch defenders of 4 inches, not.

Multiple models for all tastes

Another strategy that Samsung has been used is to flood the market for terminals, with different specifications and different screen sizes to meet all tastes of its customers. Until the iPhone5 Apple had only a model. Already in the past presented two, same size and with some hardware differences. Now presents two others but not descataloga the old ones, and therefore Apple has four models in the market, with different power, different size (4 “, 4.7” and 5.5 “) and different finishes.

OK, Apple is not doing as well as Samsung, that flooded the market with terminals, sometimes without much sense (this strategy reminds me a little of the leader Nokia of the last decade), but Apple has decided to have a range of products, not a single one. It again confirms that Samsung was doing something right.

NFC, Android was going in the right direction

Another curious thing Apple has recognized is that the NFC technology can be useful for payments. Android, here not only Samsung, has spent years with this technology in its terminals and just when I started to doubt about it (because few users have seen interesting applications) Apple decided to launch its new terminals with NFC for mobile payments.

Here Apple has a challenge clear, because there are many players in this market, none has succeeded and we are facing a very regulated industry, with many actors, where commissions imported and very “national” (each country has its regulation). It will be interesting to see what happens, although of course the hardcore Apple fans who criticized both the NFC have been as Apple has given here also.

Rectification of Apple

Of course Apple has much ground with its new iPhone6, and perhaps he has had to surrender to the evidence that the market was on a site with great success and if so something will be. Samsung has done its job quite well these past years and yesterday is an implicit recognition.

We will see how continues the war between Apple and Android as it gets interesting. And in the end this type of wars they do is improve both platforms, so users win. By my keep many years with corrections and recognition by both sides.