Is the Makeup? No, It’s a Miracle!

A primer is a kind of magic ingredient:it makes the skin smooth and fresh and strengthens its natural glow

What exactly is a primer?

“To prime” means nothing more than Prime. Do Primer – in contrast to the Foundation, which is always in the skin tone, they are nearly colorless. “Create the perfect Foundation, makeup,” says Jenna Menard, global colour artist by Clinique. “The light texture sets such as a fine, smoothing film about the complexion. Foundation and powder can be then to evenly apply and hold better.” There are also special Eyeprimer that prevent that settles the eye shadow color in wrinkles.

What can the new primer?

The pure smoothing products have become now real all-rounders:”They conceal optically enlarged pores, wrinkles, lines and scars and create a very balanced skin”, so Jenna Menard. “Even pigmentation and redness are mitigated by primers, a sallow complexion looks fresher now.” And although they provide a matte finish and the natural glow of the skin is retained.

What ingredients are in there?

Mineral powder and silicones, which remain on the skin surface and not collect bring optical smoothing. Pigments (for example Pearl dust), which reflect the light provide a radiant complexion. Antioxidants like vitamin E protect the skin from external influences. Some primers contain fine particles of color in yellow (lightens), green (conceals redness) or Rosé (refreshes tired skin), improve the skin tone. Furthermore primer often contain hyaluronic acid or light oils that support a care cushioned on.

Primer used when and how?

In principle every day. They are super effective but for the big show, when the makeup to be perfect and last long. “Primer are very economical and applied only razor-thin,” says the Munich-based make-up artist Luis Huber. His tip: First the usual cream and good pull a leave. Then a pea-sized DAB primer on the fingertips give and distribute evenly in the face with circular movements. “You can apply the primer only in the T-zone – so forehead, nose, Chin or around eyes and lips around.” It comes then. the Foundation”

Primer suitable for every skin?

Yes. Through the fine movie he leaves primer, oily skin greasy not so quickly after, and moisture is stored longer in the skin. Also dry skin benefits from it. “Primer not care tailored to the type of skin to replace, because they have only a visual effect in the first place”, so Luis Huber. Is important in the evening to clean the skin thoroughly because the primer Silicones are generally waterproof.