Jolla Lance Sailfish OS for 4 Officially Nexus

A few months ago that we learned that Jolla had already managed to reconcile its platform Sailfish OS with Android, and the operating system of the Finnish firm applications was one of the most pleasant surprises that we got to try during the last Mobile World Congress 2014.

We need to adapt to the new controls of the interface, which is done completely through gestures, but visually and functionally Sailfish OS is an operating system very careful and he’ll possibly like many users.

The biggest problem of the platform is its low penetration and that is only available with the Jolla terminals, so Finns have put hands to work and have already managed to publish the first version of Sailfish OS to Nexus 4.

The fourth Nexus and the first developed by LG, is therefore the first terminal outside Jolla allowing to use its platform, still in version for developers and far of becoming a stable version for end users.

At the moment it is not possible to call, or use the camera or Bluetooth connectivity, but this first version It allows you to play with Sailfish OS and make its gestural controls.

The necessary files are very easy to get from xda-developers, and is prerequisite to have installed in the Nexus 4 version 10.1.3 cyanogenmod.

He is already working on the development of Sailfish OS under more recent versions of CyanogenMod, and it seems that the software is also very advanced for other devices like the Samsung Galaxy S3 or the Nexus 7, so we will be very attentive to the movements of Jolla.