Kira MirÓ Black Party Dress with Neckline – Models

How about rapping at your next party with a sexy dress? This post will help you, because today I have separated for you some beautiful options of black party dress with a neckline, starting with the dress of Kira Miró. Check it out!

Kira Miró is a Spanish actress born in the Canary Islands. In a gala event, Kira Miró dared to show off her beautiful curves in a black dress with sparkles and transparencies, but what stood out was the neckline, super wide, leaving the whole region to show. This party dress is the inspiration for today’s post.

The long party dress  Kira Miró has a number of interesting details such as the light transparency at your sides, visually tuning the silhouette, and shines in the center of the body. But it’s the ample neckline that draws the attention. This neckline starts near the butt, leaves the region of the little hands exposed, and goes near the neck. The whole region is very prone to fat.

Tips On Black Party Dress With Back Neckline!

There are many options of black party dress with neckline in the online stores specializing in party dresses, mainly in the international online stores. However, wearing a dress with a low neckline can be daring if the neckline is too broad and expose the region of the hands.

Check out a few options of black party dress with neckline  and inspire yourself for your next party!

Black Party Dress Options With Neckline Back


This black party dress with a low neckline is the most modern of the dresses shown in this post.This is due to the fact of being a clean dress, which has in the cutouts and neckline its only details. Note that the neckline resembles cuts and, therefore, does not show much fat and gives more comfort to whoever uses it.


Source: Capitollium

This black party dress with a neckline features a beautiful rhinestone neckline on the back.Necklines with this shape show the central part of the back, so the region of the little hands is not evident and this is very good. Also, notice that there are geometric lace in a nude background, this shows regions with lace.

At the front there are lace in a nude bottom , they extend laterally around the waist, which gives the impression of a thinner waist, since the nude bottom contrasts with the rest of the black fabric.


This black party dress with a strap on the back is super daring, the most sensual among the black party dresses shown here, being an ideal dress for graduations. Its décolleté in the back leaves the upper part of the region the show, being that this region accumulates little fat. However, the cut in the waist and the wide gap leave enough skin on display.

It is noteworthy that only the fact of being covered in sequins already makes this dress bold and flashy.


This black party dress with a neckline has many interesting details that give it delicacy. Among the main details are the lace, the loose skirt and the wide neckline in the back. The lace is delicate and the neckline bold, one balances the other.

It is worth mentioning that there is a thin layer of transparent fabric on both the neckline and the neckline, which makes the skin appear firmer and the fat not marked.