Ladies Dresses for Weddings 2014

Ladies dresses for weddings 2014. These wedding bridesmaids dresses are perfect not only for their female silhouettes, but also because the colors that will be in trend are the next seasons. All these designs will be ported with much elegance for your girlfriends, sisters, etc.

The wedding ladies earn a greater role in the new generation links: an inherited tendency of the American bridesmaids, which accompany the bride and sometimes also the boyfriend, on his way to the altar.

Sisters, raw, intimate friends or simply women very beloved by the bride, which have a fundamental role the day of the wedding, and that require a consistent dress.

The bridesmaids is not why dress like, but yes to save a certain coordination either color, cuts, or forms. Ideally: maintain a fairly open palette of color so that they are comfortable choosing the tone more appropriate to your skin or your personal tastes, making small changes in necklines, lengths or waists.

The signatures of party already built-in to their proposals this type of looks can be combined, allowing to choose between a range of “equal but different” models, for those a little more special than the other guests.

Although we are just ending year 2013, new trends in prom dresses already are left to see. On this occasion, ladies dresses for weddings 2014 make up an ideal with multiple designs collection, in order to dress the fashion to your sisters, best friends, etc.

Ladies dresses for weddings 2014, as well as being avant-garde, featuring silhouettes and colors coming them perfect to all types of personalities.

This collection highlights the long dresses, worthy of a galmourosa the evening ceremony, but also Excel dresses cocktail with a myriad of cute details, ornaments and textiles that we love.

Ask your ladies to choose the color trend that more like it; that Yes, the tones chosen must be consistent with the style of your wedding. When choosing the necklines, give them more freedom to choose a classic strapless, a traditional neck v, or a riskier design with asymmetrical dyes. You can also select the silhouette that most suits them: cinched, wide skirt, pleated or style pencil skirt.

To harmonize your wedding, dresses for bridesmaids in soft tones will be charming, and give the wedding for a fabulous look. You can choose the same dress for all the bridesmaids or choose different models in the same color. A highlight for a stunning visual effect is that all carry a bouquet of flowers to match your dress and decoration.