Ladies Polo Jogging Suits

It seems that the stars from overseas (Agyness Deyn, Lindsey Lohan, Mischa Barton, Paris Hilton, Fergie, and Yes, you, the stainless Victoria Beckham) have abandoned leggings for new and highly fashionable ladies Polo. A mix between a super fitting leather pants and leggings. The term derives from the word Union treggings trousers and leggings.

If you dare (why to wear these latex condoms-like it takes time) the treggings are brought under a long sweater or a dress with a high heel, boot or cleavage. There are only a few lucky ones who can afford to wear ladies Polo with a pair of tennis shoes or flats or short blouse.

I recommend if you are not among those lucky ones who have a seat at the stars and perfect legs, forget about it. Otherwise you risk seem more like a sausage oiled as a hip young man!

Who has worn assures that are very comfortable, like leggings. And looking at the stars of Hollywood and the like take them with extreme ease, actually looks like. It is true also that there is anyone wearing the cilice and goes there in Parliament without wincing. Anyway let us trust and if not at least we would have obtained the effect of being one step ahead of them all.

Surely we would have gotten to spin people when we pass on the street. Hoping that these there imagine it with a garnish of potatoes!