Lamp And Lamp: How To Integrate Them Properly?

The luminous arrangement of environments makes all the difference in decoration: he is able to highlight elements, enhance shades and textures, create Visual effects, influence feelings in people and more!

For this reason, the choice of lamp and luminaire must be made considering criteria for functionality, design, color temperature and other factors essential to the climate of comfort in the House.

To avoid errors and to use lighting to your favor, you must draw a matching planning from your personal taste and décorfeatures. Want to know how to make this integration of practical way?Continue reading and check out our tips!

Choose The Type Of Luminaire

The model of the luminaire combines with the other decorative elements of the House. Then, review the décor style of your home (Scandinavian, minimalist, modern, rustic, etc) and search for parts according to him.

At this point it is interesting to find references on the internet for inspiration — and the Pinterestis a great tool for this.

See 6 types of luminaires and their characteristics:


This model is elegant and quite used in environments that require uniform illumination, like bathrooms, kitchen and home office. So the plafon goes very well with cold white or natural.


Of classic look, chandeliers usually have details in glass or Crystal. Are great for composing a sophisticated appearance in dining rooms, mostly. In them, you can apply different color temperatures lamps (hot, neutral, cold).


Pendant meets the varied styles of decoration, ranging from the industrial to the modern. As the name implies, it is a kind of suspended lamp excellent for giving the countertops, tables, sofas, etc.


The embedded are installed in the ceiling in order to improve the incidence of light, create points of attention and provide clean appearance to the environment. For this case, the LED lamps are most suitable.

Wall Sconce

Ideal for seats in the House that do not require direct light, such as corridors and rooms, the rings transmit the feeling of warmth and look great with warm white lamps.

Select Suitable Lamps

In addition to deciding the color temperature (white, neutral, hot), you should also analyze how economics and durability requirements. Note the main lamps options:


Economic and modern LED lamps reach 50000 hours lifespan. Your starting price is higher than other types, however, due to energy reduction in the long run, the investment is worth it.


Although popular at low price, the bulbs consume more energy (when compared to other options) and last approximately 1000 hours, only. Especially in the summer, they should be avoided because they emit heat.


The operation has the halogen lamps very similar to incandescents, but your light capacity is greater. They are excellent for direct light and highlight objects.


Fluorescent prices is more accessible and the quality is good. Its durability is 6 to 24000 hours and saves electricity.

Integrate Lamp And Luminaire Considering The Functionality

At the time to integrate these two elements and position them, we need to consider the functional features of each room. For example: in space of the House intended for the rest, such as halls and rooms, prefer the rings or pendants with yellow lamp.

Right concentration places such as kitchens and home office, it is interesting to use recessed lighting or plafon with white lamps.

Taking into account the decorative aspects of the House and the desired effects in different environments, you can integrate lamp and lamp to the décor in an efficient manner. So, all elements will be valued and receive special emphasis.

Like to know more about the use of lamps and fixtures? Want to keep informing on the subject? Check now 5 lighting trends for 2017 and stay on top of the biggest news for this year with PiercingFlashlights!


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