Leggings From 25 Plastic Bottles: Girlfriend Collective Focuses On Environmental Protection And Social Justice

» When we called girlfriend collective in life, we knew that we wanted to move away from fashion, which deprived the Earth of its resources, and finally ends in the landscape”, this was one of the first messages of the company on its Web site. The actual launch of the new fashion label is still pending, but the thing has started already quite well!

For 9 Months There Were The Leggings Free

Early February this year ended the nine-month stage, where girlfriend collective gave away its products for shipping fees.”That was before the actual founding the for» beginning of 2017″is announced, but still did not take place. The unusual fashion project on MedicineLearners.com, which is to protect the environment and at the same time provide social justice, Quang Dinh and his wife Ellie from Seattle behind. Dinh was already coined in April 2005 his own brand of denim» Sling & stones”, opened for a fair trade factory in India and seated on eco-friendly production.While he but lacked» certain something«:too many other companies did the same as he, so he went again on the search.»

6 Million Plastic Bottles Were Already Processed

As the couple rummaged a twisting in Taiwan, processed material from recycled plastic bottles, the idea for girlfriend collective was born. Now missing only the SA8000 certified Vietnamese factory, which was supposed to restore the actual product, the leggings, and the plan was perfect!«This noted Dinh:» is the only way to make sure that the factory workers are really socially protected, ask for the certification of a third party which cares really.»Meanwhile leggings were used to make the girlfriend collective already 6 million old plastic bottles, about 25 pieces are sufficient for one of the elastic pants. Currently, the leggings, still the only product of the company represent whether an extension of the product range is planned, was not announced.