Leggings: How to do Without it

This autumn – winter is shaping up with a MUST-HAVE leader for our cabinets: the !

In recent years they have become increasingly popular for their convenience, for the very affordable price and ease of combining with other leaders. Whether plain or patterned, jeans or leather effect, it is mandatory to have at least a pair you can wear with leggings (refer to http://www.deadlyleggings.com/index.php/how-to-wear-leggings-tips/)!

For those who want to be noticed, recently on the market it is also a version with push-ups, to have a perfect buttocks mandolin!

Comfortable elegant but if necessary, can be easily worn with sweaters or dresses of every style, can be worn with either boots and bikers, as they adhere perfectly to the leg and therefore does not create annoying and unsightly frills, both of decollette elegant.
A leader absolutely versatile and youthful, suitable for any occasion!

Not only leggings!

In addition to the most common leggings, made ​​of cotton or spandex, there are other similar types of tight pants.

These are jeggings, a kind of leggings that faithfully reproduce the denim effect, great for those who love jeans but want to wear something more soft and practical!

And then the treggings, word that comes from the union of trousers and leggings, some real pants but very tight, often made ​​of denim or leather fabric.

There is not spoiled for choice, therefore, to try this head and fall in love!