Limited Edition Pocket Watches Is Thrown By Montblanc

The Montblanc 110 years and decided to complete present admirers and collectors of watches with a gem, or rather with a work of art, honoring the pioneering seaman-who guided the company from your Foundation and the golden age of the pré-aviação Atlantic commercial travel. Almost a nostalgic ode to long journeys timed for efficient hand-made pocket watches.

To symbolize this tribute was released limited edition Montblanc Villeret watch parts 8 Tourbillon Pocket Edition 110 Years cylindric correction, a luxury for the few. The choice of only 8 pieces is not mere chance and if you found a reference to the year of Foundation of ancient Manufacture Minerva, in 1858, a precursor to the Manufacture of Montblanc Villeret.
As the marine chronometers were a revolution that guided navigators through the oceans a century ago, this limited edition extends the limits of Haute Horlogerie combining maximum performance with the best artisanal aesthetic including recordings and enamelled paintings Grand Feu handmade.

According to the German luxury brand, the Pocket Watch Montblanc Villeret Tourbillon cylindric correction 110 Years presents some innovative elements of watchmaking including whirlwind with cylindrical spiral, triple time zone indication and display of world time with both Northern and southern hemispheres.
Details of the box
The clock is practically a work of wearable art. The box has 60 mm in foma, Pebble that is reminiscent of fine watches from the early 19th century, made in pure polished white gold.

The handle of five sides corresponds to the design of fastening the 18 k white gold chain and each link in the chain offers the “M” of Montblanc in sleek aesthetic refinement.

Already the Grand Feu, art of enameling in watchmaking dating back to the 17th century and was used historically in manufacture Minerva to the dials of their watches and Chronographs, gives the finish on the back of the box, as well as in Roman numerals.

Completing the box is a traditional Crown of grooves with a Montblanc emblem in relief at 12 hours. The number of editing restriction appears on the back of the box, hand-engraved, as a reference to this highly exclusive limited edition.
Details of the display
Built in different parts at different levels, the sophisticated dial features traditional crafts decorations. Starting with the slipstream to 6 hours with three-dimensional and arch bridges, which are convex curved slightly to match the contours of the Globes. A piece of aventurine quartz provides dramatic scenery to slipstream and behind your cage, the circular pattern grainy traditional handcrafted, in the best style watchmaker Montblanc, make the finish.

The two hemispheres are also of particular interest. Were created using combination of engraving and miniature painting that shows continents in relief with contours, borders, longitude and latitude, seas and oceans. There are 24 cities in both hemispheres, North and South, and their names are displayed on the dome flange that surrounds the display along with a track needs minutes embellished by indexes, lozenges and triangles and rosé gold plated.

Other notable features include three-dimensional compass 12 hours, is made of four pieces of rosé gold 18 k beveled by hand that indicate the seniority (hometime) with pointer blue Fleur-de-lis, and pointers to hours and minutes rose gold 18 k to indicate local time.

Functioning of the Triple time zone

The manual winding tourbillon gauge of 1 minute MB 68.40 M – with its 281 components (91 components for slipstream cylindrical and 77 for the complication of world time) and of 48 hours power reserve – offers unprecedented functions, including an indication of the time zone.

The local time is represented by two pointers rosé gold 18 k and the time is indicated by a pointer in the shape of flower lis sliding around a three-dimensional compass 12 hours in 12 hours position. To indicate the world time, a pair of three-dimensional Globes represent the 24 time zones in the northern and southern hemispheres, along with the passage of days and nights.

The world time indication 24 hours and day/noite do full rotation in 24 hours around the Globes. The record for the northern hemisphere rotates clockwise, where your counterpart on the southern hemisphere becomes anti-clockwise. This setting allows instant viewing day and night on both sides of the world. With the help of the meridians of longitude, the user can read the current time in any part of the world, following the world 24 hours time display on the two discs.