Loungewear: Great Choice for New Moms

Today’s post is for those who are ready to spend a few days in the maternity ward. With your baby coming soon (yay!) it’s time to start thinking about the hospital bag.

I’m sure you’ve already thought in the first look of the baby, but what about you? Already know what it will take to use there? The truth is that many of the pregnant women who come talk to us complain that ancient tradition of using Jersey for the first few days/weeks.

Well, the good news is that today there are super comfortable and charming options for you to enjoy the moment and still feel good to get the first few visits. One of them (and our favorite) is the loungewear.And that’s who we’re going to talk about today.

If you’ve never heard of loungewear, we will tell you. That’s the kind of clothing that is comfortable by definition: spring, trim loose, soft mesh or SWEATSUIT. However, while it is so good to use as pajamas, loungewear has little normal clothes. In other words, you’re dressed up enough to receive visitors, but also is ready to take a NAP so the baby leave.

The cool thing is that the loungewear isn’t just for those who just had baby. It’s great also to who works at home and want comfort, but don’t want to spend the day in your pajamas.

Most shops that make these clothes have a very neutral color chart, but, with a little luck you can find some a little more different shades such as Burgundy, dark green or Navy Blue. We recommend investing in two parts for pantsuits in versatilizar time and create new looks.

And, like good clothing is clothing that you use, uses and uses again, we give you some tips to make this comfortable wardrobe last and render other good looks:

  1. Combine the loungewear with unlikely parts, like a denim shirt, a metallic shoe, or even a purse or wallet.That makes it easy to take your loungewear parts anywhere.
  1. Combine two pieces of the same color in a monochromatic look even more elegant.Bet on colours that run the classical chart of pajamas, as grey.
  2. Valley, from time to time, insert a printed piece to make the look more interesting.
  1. Bet on overlays, lightweight jackets make the look even more charming.

Well, we are expert on the subject because the Carol just have the Marina, so she’s full of loungewear!

We hope you enjoyed it! And, if you have suggestions of issues for us to talk here, tell us! Let’s love!