Maternity Bag: Check out Tips

Prepare the suitcase to take on motherhood is an easy task, but it requires careful so that you don’t forget any important item. Ideally, you write down everything you need to get in shape and as for putting inside gives bag go scratching items.

Here you go check some tips from maternityetchic to know that can not miss in your bag of maternity.


The first step is the planning, because your suitcase must be ready at MAX in 36 weeks of gestation, because the baby can be born in advance and so you avoid the last minute rush. The ideal is to make a bag with your personal items and other baby accessories.
In your bag should count at least three pajamas and three shirts, all with opening in front to make it more practical to breastfeeding. These pieces are needed because soil easy to milk or by bleeding after childbirth. If you feel comfortable you can also take the clothes you wear to stay home.

You must also take at least five big knickers. It is advisable to avoid taking new underwear that was never used, because the new elastic wont bother you, you can take the panties you wore during the pregnancy and that are wider. The size should be big, because you will use large absorber for a few days.
The you’ve got your robe is necessary if you need to walk through the hospital to take and if visitors. The Slipper is also important, because it allows you to be comfortable. The socks are only required if it is cold season.

You need at least three breastfeeding bras and sanitary for the breasts. Bras dirty too, so it should take three.
Take your toiletries like toothpaste, toothbrush, hair brush, SOAP, shampoo and conditioner.
Take a night absorbing package, as it is common to have bleeding after childbirth, regardless of being natural childbirth or caesarean. Remember to take a comfortable outfit for when you leave the hospital.

In the trunk of a baby blanket cotton place, six, six, six peed overalls, two shawls, two cardigans with opening in front, diapers, diapers and six six pairs of socks. It may seem a lot of clothes, but most hospitals requesting extra clothes to avoid accidents. Remember to take your personal documents.