Mi-Pac Backpacks X Kolibrishop

It must have been already in July of this year, when I lost a few words to the bags and backpacks made of leather from Estarer. In today’s article, we are also dealing with these practical helpers for everyday life. In particular around the backpack, since I carry one daily to bring the everyday items needed from A to B, I look now and then for new models. After all, these should not only be practical, but also best to look good.

In my research, the Mi-Pac backpacks came to mind, which are available online at the Kolibrishop. About this and the shop itself I would now like to lose a few words, after all, you should know with whom you order your clothes, accessories and bags. So at least my opinion on the online shopping, as you could certainly read from other contributions from me.

The Kolbibrishop-Streetfashion And Sneakers

The Kolibrishop.com describes himself as a first choice for street fashion and sneakers in Germany! Certainly not quite so devious with a product program with over 12,000 products, however, I had not heard of this shop before. But what may be the fact that I have my usual shops, where I order and therefore seldom look for alternatives. This should and will change in the future, however, so that such shops as the Kolibrishop, are no longer completely unknown. After all, there are such pearls as the Mi-Pac rucksacks.

The range of the online shop includes trendy styles and a wide range of accessories as well as shoes. The 12,000 products already mentioned come from over 140 manufacturers, including well-known brands such as Adidas, Bench or Humör, but also small independent labels with limited numbers. The goal of the shop is to offer to us as a customer an assortment of labels, which one can not find elsewhere. My personal highlight of the shop itself is the possibility to order until 18:30 clock and to have the certainty that the package leaves the camp on the same evening and thus arrives at my best the next day with me.

Mi-Pac-Innovative And Creative

The label is now no longer completely unknown in more than a dozen countries. Thus the pieces of the label in Germany are replaced by the tylan GmbH, which has numerous upcoming premium fashion brands, such as hype. Or dickies. Mi-Pac herself gets a lot of her inspiration from stimulating projects of the UAL London College of Fashion or the arts festival Edinburgh Fringe.Because the innovation and creativity of young people is important for the label and should therefore be incorporated into their design.Therefore, in my opinion, a perfectly correct approach to be inspired by the source.

The current collection shows that colorful patterns, colors and structures, which are decorated with a touch of vintage style, are highly regarded. Due to its broad product range, the label addresses different target groups and offers the right style for almost every taste. In addition to thought-out designs, Mi-Pac is also looking to combine fashion with functionality successfully.

The backpacks as well as the other Mi-Pac products are made of high-quality materials in complex processes and will accompany the customer for many years as a faithful companion. A selection of backpacks, which I like you will find below, with further information on these. I have limited myself to the styles of the Mi-Pac backpacks in the Kolibrishop, so that you can acquire these at pleasure also without problems.

My absolute favorite print bag comes from Mi-Pac’s premium collection and is called Mi Pac Aztec Weave Backpack black. The backpack is made of 80% polyester and 20% cotton. It has outside dimensions of 31x39x13cm. In addition to the creative design in various orange, yellow and red colors, he has a sturdy carrying handle.

On the front is a zippered compartment with an embroidered logo attached. The spacious main compartment is closed with a two-way zipper. The cable guide inserted in the backpack allows you to store your own MP3 player / smartphone in the backpack while still listening to your own songs. The backpack is carried with padded and adjustable shoulder straps.

I personally like the colorful design of the backpack quite well. It is something else but a plain backpack or covered colors. Of course, it is clear to me that this design can not be carried around for any purpose. But here the comparably favorable prices of the backpacks come to bear, one can quite a second and third to the change.

My second choice would fall on the Mi Pac Plaid backpack red plaid. This comes with a plaid fabric made from a cotton blend.This is like the Aztec backpack made of 80% polyester and 20% cotton. The outer dimensions of approx. 31x39x13cm are not different from the previously mentioned backpack.

Like the other Mi-Pac backpacks, the red plaid is based on a combination of cotton and suede on the bottom. It also has adjustable, padded shoulder straps on the back and a carrying handle. Furthermore it has a front pocket with zipper and a large main compartment, in which a padded laptop compartment is available. Therefore it is ideal for school or work.

Due to the red and black colors on the outer design of the backpack, it does not drop as much as the Aztec version. Therefore, it is definitely suitable for daily use in the office or school. I particularly like the color interplay of the checked fabric of the cotton blend and the suede on the bottom.

The Mi Pac Nordic Rucksack navy from the current Nordic & Pocket Prints collection is also a little more discreet . This is made of 100% polyester with a blue, hard-wearing fabric. A white, partial print is applied both in the upper area and on the front zip pocket.The typical Mi-Pac logo on the front pocket is also available.

Otherwise the backpack corresponds to the outer dimensions of its predecessors, about 31x39x13cm, and also sets on the interplay of suede and in this case polyester. Again, in my opinion, the navy blue fits well with the light-deposited suede. The pocket in the case for the laptop is available as well as the predecessors. The inserted cable guide can also be used, for example, for the headphones of the own MP3 player/smartphone.

Details such as adjustable, padded shoulder straps, carrying handle and elaborate design are not missing in the Mi Pac Nordic Backpack navy.

Finally, I would like to present you the Mi Pac Classic Travel Bag black, which, as the name suggests, is a bag and not a backpack.Nevertheless, I liked the combination of dark polyester and light suede so well that I can not leave this unmentioned. The travel bag has stable carrying handles as well as detachable and adjustable shoulder straps.

The Mi-Pac logo embroidered on the side shows the origin of the bag. Inside, the bag with a size of about 50x30x28cm offers quite a lot of space. A zip pocket in the case offers additional storage space and with a price of just under 40,00 € you can get this bag quite well to be prepared for one-day travel.

Finally, I would be interested in what you think of the Mi-Pac backpacks and bags? Have you already a piece from their collection and can share with us your impressions? As always you can use the comments.