Mobile: Unlimited Data Volume Must Not Be Thwarted

Verdict: unlimited means unlimited

The Verbraucherzentale Bundesverband (vzbv) had brought before the Landgericht Potsdam to E-plus. The provider promised for his mobile phone rates allnet flat base all-Internet use with unlimited data. Performance in same clause but decisively restricted the company: customers could transmit only data up to a volume of 500 megabytes a month at fast speed. Then were they use the Internet continue free of charge but 500 times slower than before, because E-plus throttled the transfer rate 21.6 megabits to 56 kilobits per second.

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Critical wording in the terms and conditions

Potsdam regional court ruled that the performance constraint unreasonably disadvantaged customers and is therefore ineffective (AZ. 2 O 148/14, judgment is not yet final). The formulation of data volume unlimited evokes the impression that the tariff contained no limit the use of the Internet differently than other offerings just in the terms and conditions of the company among consumers. The extreme throttle of the speed right therefore a reduction of power to zero. Unless today, of course, also about mobile Internet access large amounts of data such as videos, to transfer photos and music files, so the vzbv.

E-Plus: complaints are outdated

The verdict declared E-Plus to Our site: objected to was the appearance of allnet flat BASE all in in combination with indicating unlimited data volume, of which monthly high-speed volume (maximum 21 Mbit / s) 500 MB (then GPRS speed with 56 kbit / s). It originally comes from the August 2013 and was to find more independent of this process – for a long time at the tariffs of BASE not so Jörg Borm, spokesman for E-plus. Deprecated, so Balta was also the clause complained of by the Federal Association of consumer centres, the E-Plus is entitled to allow any use of roaming for new customers in the first months after a term contract. This clause is no longer already for a year to find the contracts.