Nexus 5 x and 6 p: Activate the Cam Even Faster Through the Movement of Your Wrist

Google seems to have taken care of in a very particular use of the camera of the new Nexus, not only in terms of hardware with newly developed sensors, but aiming to make more immediate use, exploiting a gestures that will use the “point and shoot” faster than ever.

With Nexus 5 x and Nexus 6 p you can Activate the camera in a virtually instantaneous, making just a double twist of the wrist, familiar in some respects to those who have a Terminal Motorola. A very useful and much more immediate gestures, activated from settings menu, as shown in the article opening image.

Of course you can still use the second method, already knownor through the double tap on the power button. The gesture will bypass the lock screen and open the camera instantly, allowing you to take the picture .


Qualcomm has updated the page dedicated to the press release from which they were taken the information about this gesture by stating expressly that the double twist of the wrist has been replaced by double tapping the power button. The name Context Core was replaced with Android Sensor Hub.

Even Google has officially confirmed that the function has been deleted without going into the merits of the decision.