Nike Finally Bets On The Big Size Models

If little by little the best-known brands of clothing have been betting on the big size models, why would not they do sports brands?

 So far what we have seen are brands of clothing or lines within those brands specifically designed and directed to women of large sizes, but what has made Nike in their social networks and advertising is much more important than this.

No, Nike has not pulled out a line of oversized bras. What he has done has been directly include in his images in social networks models of a greater size than he usually uses.Without giving more importance and without appealing to society on the importance of visibility and others. This is standardization and inclusion.

Thus, we can see Paloma Elsesser (they define her as “creator of culture”, and she is a writer and model) and Claire Fountain (Yoga instructor) rubbing shoulders in theInstagram profile of NikeWomen with athletes like Serena Williams. And of course they also appear on the Nike campaign page.

Some images that have been very well received by fans of the brand, who have not hesitated to leave thousands of comments praising this initiative.

Well done, Nike!