Nokia X Lands in India at a Price of 100 Euros

Nokia It was one of the major protagonists of the last Mobile World Congress, and is that the outbreak in the Android platform with a fork of Google’s operating system it was important news for the firm.

Nokia X received critical acclaim in its first shots of contact, and it’s a terminal that is very well positioned between the range of input Android, and with a very attractive price will surely go to copy most of the sales of Nokia devices in the coming months.

India It is the first market where it has put on sale the new Nokia X, and confirms that the price will be an interesting level, thus There it costs about 101 euros to change.

It will be interesting to see how compete Nokia X with the rest of the low-end Android, but more interesting will be to see your host regarding its cousin the Lumia 520 Nokia, device Windows Phone which has further come, achieving numerous awards including Engadget 2013 award to best smartphone of entry, and it costs about 130 euros.

It will be interesting to see how compete against the rest of the basic androids, but more will it show how to compete against the successful Nokia Lumia 520.

The price, that Yes, it is higher than that indicated by Nokia in its presentation, since taxes add up some euros to the 89 US manufacturer had referred. The rest of the range will also be available in the coming weeks at a price that is less than 140 euros to change to Nokia XL, the largest of the Nokia X.

Nokia says that its main objective is still to popularize the Nokia Lumia, and that Nokia X range will be a platform for entering that feed the Lumia. According to the firm, the opportunity of Nokia X is in seeking the consumers of basic smartphones Android applications catalog.

Remember that the Nokia X use a fork of Android, so they do not have Play Store or other Google services, but with Microsoft services. Even so, the Nokia terminal has already been rooted and can already be used with some Google services.