Norma LED Lamps and Liquid LED by Our site

Issue 07/2010 our site contains among others a quick test of i-glow LED lamps by Norma and liquid LED by Our sites.

Writes the test to the LED discount offer i-glow for 4.99 Euro each by Norma: “not to be blinded: compared to brand LEDs 4,99 Euro for a LED lamp by Norma are a great price.” But the joy of the lamps not long-lasting. Home light bulbs replaced it quickly dawns a they’re no equivalent substitute. The LEDs bring not the desired and promised on the box brightness. Even for smaller bulbs, it took several Norma LEDs to illuminate a room just bright. Also the cool bluish Daylight White in living spaces is pretty uncomfortable. “Also annoying: even with lamps of the same type differs in the light color in part to 200 Kelvin.”

Solution: Access brand our site lamps to warm white LED. You can buy it here: our site LED lamps.

It continues in the magazine and liquid LED by Our sites: “This lamp but not even with a 25-watt bulb compete.” Prices of test: 1 liquid LED by Our sites for 14,99 euros.

Solution: Here, too, we recommend you use by LED bulbs and lamps from the DEALLEDLIGHTS, they are available in variants that can replace even a 100-watt light bulbs . By the way, replacement for 60-watt light bulbs, 8 W LED bulb by our site has been tested in our site. In this comparison, it turned out that 8 W our site was LED lamp the brightest and most efficient. In addition, it costs only 29,99 Euro.

On the screen: an 8W LED lamps by our site: replacement for 60W incandescent lamps and warm white color of light characterize the high quality branded product.

Subsequent comment the test editors to discount offerings: “not blinded by the price and the wrong information on light current and power allow. The Norma LEDs to replace hardly properly incandescent and energy saving lamps.”

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