Open WebOS Shows That You Are Able to Operate in a Nexus 7

When WebOS It became an open source project, it was matter of time which, thanks to the efforts of its community, reaching multiple devices with different operating systems. In this case, those who were Android could not be an exception.

Especially when we talk about a device like the Nexus 7. A group of developers has managed to load the operating system in this seven-inch tablet in what can be considered quite an achievement since adapting the code of the Galaxy Nexus to Asus Tablet took them one week.

As usual, this version is still in a precarious state, and although you have to praise the great work done by their developers, there is still a long way to go. Works well, Yes, but it is far from being an alternative to Jelly Bean.

Even so, hope that the project proceed and develops in more than just a proof of concept. At the moment already have achieved something important: not having to rely on a computer at 100% to make it work.

At the beginning you have to connect it but after the first connection is an independent device. You can take a look at the video to check what is capable. If the project came out ahead You usaríais as alternative to Android or better with dual boot?