Pearl Earrings More Sold in Frances

Select the four styles of pearl earrings more sold in Frances.

This type of accessory was always the choice to give a “rich guy” to look and is often used by women who seek elegance and sophistication. Of course, all of this happens because the pearls are a classic accessory that never goes out of style! With that in mind, we select some of the Pearl Earrings top sellers on our site. Let’s go?

Check out the best selling pearls earrings on Frances Jewelry:

Earring inspired Dior of pearls in gold plated

The joke inspired by “Mise en Dior” is one of the accessories in pearls that is here to stay! In addition to combine with everything he has a unique style that made the head of celebrities and fashionistas!

Ear earring jacket with 6 pearls beads veneer

The ear jacket is a type of small earring that has a point of light in front and a companion piece that lies behind the ear. It lies between the earlobe and die. Are a smaller version of the ear cuffs and the main difference is that the ear jacket comes in 3 parts separate parts: the front light point, the plug and the die. That earring in addition to being super modern, keeps a more classic because of the pearls. Beautiful, isn’t it?

Earring with Pearl pendant in 18 k gold plated

The drop earring with Pearl became the darling of the bloggers. The Pearl rincos has the advantage because you can combine them with any type of clothing, even the jeans and a blouse savoir-faire basic when you complements with this accessory. It makes sense the bloggers love so much, huh?

Maxi earring with Crystal whisky and pearls in dark rhodium plated

This maxi earring was made for those who love style and elegance. All worked up with whiskey crystals and pearls it is perfect for weddings and social events, as well as being a piece that combines with almost all colors and types of fabrics. He’s practically a full production by itself!

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