Pearl Flip and Touch HD Points Movistar

With the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, are two terminals that share protagonism in the new catalogue of the Points program of Movistar for the month of December. BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 and the HTC Touch HD, two of the latest exclusive for the Spanish operator thus joining its loyalty program.

Two devices quite different both in configuration and design, the Pearl 8220 Flip is more an evolution of style of the series such a success has given him to RIM but that does not incorporate too many of the advances that we have seen in the latest devices BlackBerry, even though it is equipped with version 4.6 operating system architecture-level chipset is not incorporated into the new ranges, has sought more turning design with unique special characteristic, no 3 G or GPS WiFi and with the same camera from 2 megapixel of previous models.

This Pearl of shell is added to the catalogue from 6,500 points and 296 euros, 247 in the blue area with stay of 12 months, and 201 euros if we hire the BlackBerry service, in the latter case with 18 months of permanence.

Moreover, the HTC Touch HD but also the evolution of a range, its manufacturer has turned in it to make it a completely different from the original product, incorporating everything that permitted catch with or exceed any of more powerful handsets on the market.

A huge touch screen high resolution, HSPA, WiFi, GPS and a 5 megapixel camera make the touch HD one of the stars of the year and of course, one of the most expensive options of the Points program, It takes a minimum of 6,500 and 549 euros, 488 in the blue area and 408 if we high on one Rate Internet.

By the way, with the publication of the catalogue we see the basic option of redemption for the Nokia 5800, which met in late November corresponded to the blue zone or hiring Rate Internet. If we want the 5800 with points “ to dry ” will need 6,500 points and 423 euros minimum.