Plus Size Lingerie: Fashion Fits in Any Woman

Have you ever thought if only lingerie was made for white women, skinny, tall and well defined? The size of the prejudice that surrounds the production sets off the plus size can be larger than any measure and this is the only thing you need to lose weight this way!

There’s nothing more unpleasant than going into a lingerie store and find nothing of your size. In addition to the lack of options for plus size lingerie, Brazilian women have the nasty habit of buying smaller numbers, even though you have broader hips, breasts more robust and, often, a fat here and there.

The thing is that the problem is that behavior and not on your measurements! For this reason, we have gathered here some informations for you never stop buying lingerie for a lack of size and seduce as much as any P and m. Comes with us!

Your body, your rules

What do you like in your body are your breasts or your butt? Cherish what you know to be the best. If you prefer to hide it on the bottom, use panties with more details, in short models to model the butt or body to adjust the waist. Wide straps will sustain best breasts and the spandex is a great fabric to leave everything in place and killing it. Remembering always that the important thing is that you feel good with the piece chosen.

The income was never so valuable

It’s amazing how Lacy pieces are beautiful plus size measures. By having a size larger, taller waistband and be wider, the details become more visible, delicate and charming in the body. Use and abuse of the incomes in any part and admire your body in the mirror.

The equilibrium composition

If you chose to use a high waistband for underwear bra prefer models with a shape smaller without losing in support. The same for the contrary, larger Bras with thicker modeling will combine perfectly with smaller side panties. Where it does not make for balance, a good thing are the bodysuits and shapewear for body.

Not everything that sustains squeeze

If you have the wrong idea that lives rolling around is that to support push. It’s been the time of shapewear and bodysuits are made of thick fabrics and smothering. Your body deserves to breathe and feel the comfort of using a good piece of lingerie. Lycra modelers offer better support, are more comfortable and, often, more beautiful than the straps.

The best shops think your comfort above all

Plus size lingerie may have come in thousands of stores across the Brazil, but there are few of them who performed tests and research sufficient to create comfortable, resistant and beautiful models. The plus size does not come in one mould nor works for all bodies. It is important to keep in mind that anything that hurts worth it and that, in the right place, you find what suits your power of beauty with the best dress up in you.