Radio Remote Control Modes: Cars, Planes, Helicopters, Boats, Tanks, Trucks, Which I Choose?

Having seen that refers to radio control, comes to show some of disciplines more popular within this hobby, which I will discuss briefly so that you can get an idea of peculiarities has each, as well as guidance on the fundamentals in all of them. We hope this size guide will help you when buying a radio controlled car. Each will be accompanied by an explanatory image of the scale, and at the end of the article we are going to post some videos from different disciplines so that you can see them in action:

– Radio control cars: the discipline by excellence in the radio control. It is the most widespread, mainly because it is the most affordable, which need less knowledge base to begin with, that can be practiced almost anywhere even on Rctoysadvice… Also as discussed by being scale models, just as in the real world, cars are vehicles more widespread, and by them closest to all audiences. within radio control cars include different disciplines, such as crawlers, (short course) vans, vehicles all terrain (called scales), monster trucks, quads,… i.e. all models that share a platform of radio control car, even though the exterior may be that of another model (in this case just change the bodywork), or adapts a bus body for example. Car competitions, are normally quite easy to organize, and therefore, are usually the more close to home you can practice.

– Motorcycle to radio: radio control Jet, are new replicas of World Superbike competition bikes, motoGp,… as well as updates for cross all terrain. They imitate to perfection too the mechanical system of the big bikes, from the traction systems, chain or belt, until the front forks in its different versions, or rear Monoshock suspension systems,… The problem they have is that if stop was fall sideways, as the big bikes, so usually will give a few lateral supports, allowing exit from stopped giving gas, and there are systems of fixation of the bike on stand for racing outputs, or you also can help with the hand, to go out and shoot. The steering system is another point to consider, and there are many tricks to get make it go smoother, which is more or less progressive… No doubt two wheels lovers will find in this scale hours and hours of fun and can imitate their idols Rossi, Lorenzo, Pedrosa… This scale is also indicated to make bricos and improvements to the bikes. For those who decide to buy a bike, here you have a tutorial on the first steps with a Rc motorcycle
– Radio control trucks: in this category we consider to scale models which are equipped with own truck mechanical. We say this because there are r/c cars that can be attached to a truck body, but the mechanical part is of a car. It is therefore important to take into account, entering only vehicles that are designed from the outset on the basis of a real truck RC trucks. This scale normally wanting to imitate details of trucks real, such as turn signals, Horn, lights, sounds… Some of these may come from series on the model purchased, or by small bricos get to customize our truck to make it the King of the road. Chrome wheels, front Grill, leaks,… can be susceptible to customization and improvement areas, in order to get one it exact replica of our favorite truck.

– Radio control tanks: in this category we find replicas of real tanks, and as always, we will have a wide range of products, from the most basic to the more complex with a large number of movements, chance of tripping, being almost exact reproductions of the model that they represent. In addition in the case of tanks is very important to the quality of transmission components, since the chains may suffer if we use them in the conditions of mud, snow,… that is where we love seeing these little ones. Also the fun of these models is that they allow battles when several friends come together with tanks, and thus be able to enjoy a “world war” scale. In addition, tanks tend to represent the real tank model, which is you can find models more Rapids, other more stable, with the barrel length, and with different systems of movement of all of them, coming even through bricos to move the soldiers who appear in the tank. Really close to the static model, but always giving that point of dynamism, which converts a model into something spectacular to see it in action.

– Excavators to radio control: the rc excavators are also able to bring us closer to the world of work, but to scale. Being able to back into the models more complete reproduce all movements of blades, with pneumatic/hydraulic cylinders. As you can see are able to simulate playing the work of the real excavator in works, earthworks, load trucks,… Again we are faced with a category seeking first aimed its similarity to reality, and of course they reach its peak when we put them in an appropriate environment, with earth or sand in which to put to the test our skill and get fill the scoop, carry the load, and deposit it in another area, as you can see in the videos of the end of the article. Also this category is paid to bricos to our model, which can consist of performance improvements (weights, speed,…), to aesthetic issues of signal lights,…

In the disciplines of trucks, tanks and bulldozers, as discussed, is sought more the resemblance to reality and reproduction of the movements of the way most reliable possible. Change in the part of cars, tend to prevail more get high performance (for competition), or get to climb walls with the maximum possible (as in the crawlers for example) inclination, leaving a bit of side aesthetic exactly equal to the vehicle that mimic. Although of course, there are also some models, or bodies, which are almost exact replicas of real models.

– Radio control helicopters: A discipline which in recent times has become fashionable, with the appearance of multiple models of small scales, allowing his flight indoors, which enabled their proliferation among the great public thanks to this feature to be able to fly almost anywhere. Rc helicopters until recently were the devices more difficult to fly because of the large number of movements that have, but with the introduction of the gyroscopes, and the reduction of one of the movements (channels) on models of initiation, it has allowed to be suitable for all audiences. Of course we have options more advanced 3D flight, allowing to do tricks, they have numerous controls extras, and they are only suitable for people who already dominates the piloting of helicopters lower ranges. The main feature of the helicopters is that with upper Helix they generate a moment of forces tending to turn the helicopter about himself. Why helicopters carry a small propeller on the tail which is in charge of counter that movement. In some of the small to start helicopter, that propeller is replaced back by other two shovels “main”. i.e., the helicopter has 4 blade main, in order to counteract this rotation, and thus shovels tail motif in these models are (do not turn). Helicopters carrying this system in principle are more stable and simple, so are persons starting.

– Radio control aircraft: airplanes have always been the great reference in model airplanes until initiation helicopters have been proliferating. more simple to fly helicopters, have the sticks that need more space to fly, although they have released models of Cork that are very handy and can be flown in a space more limited (although quite greater than helicopters), than traditional aircraft, needing to go to a place that contase with runway and takeoff, outdoors to enjoy the flight. Low range are planes from Cork to start flying with a propeller (take precedence this facility on the aesthetic part), or gliders, gliding. In high range can find airplanes that are almost exact replicas of commercial aircraft, military, powered by turbines with retractable landing gear trains,… again requiring expertise of the pilot to lift it from the ground and take it to Earth.

– Multicopteros to radio control: (cuadricopteros, hexacopteros,…): the multicopteros could be considered a type of helicopters, but due to its growth in recent times, we have decided to leave them as another category. There are cuadricopteros, hexacopteros, octocopteros,… with 4, 6 and 8 propellers respectively. Its big advantage over helicopters is that configuration of several propellers endows them with greater stability and therefore since its inception they have been used mainly for aerial images of photo or video recording. The problem with these models was the price, which was very high, but have recently appeared initiation models allowing for about €70-90 started with this type of models. the downside is that these models of initiation not allowed to lift weight as their older siblings (such as professional cameras,…), but which are intended as well as Rc helicopters interiors to their flight in indoor, windless conditions,…


– Radio control boats: in this category we can differentiate two types of boats, which are for running, in which case the aesthetics is slightly neglected, giving more importance to the engine and the way most appropriate to gain in speed and stability, and on the other hand ships are as models static, with all its details care to the maximum but equipped with a radio control system that allows to manage them to distance , and even interact with their different functions (horns, lights, smoke, Cannon,…). in general it can be perfect use in lakes, ponds, or rivers where there is excessive current, since for the size of them, in general, they tend not to be suitable for use in sea or in rivers with current. Equally with the seawater must be especially careful in the clean up after use because nitrate which can spoil the elements of our boat.

– Submarines to radio control: this discipline is spectacular in terms of the complexity of the model, faithfully representing reality, but is a little lacklustre in use, since their natural use environment is the water, and not just on the surface, which normally does not you can see in action, unless the agus is crystal (in a pool) or added you cameras with what we could already follow him from Earth. There are two variants in the category that would be the submarine itself sayings (fixed displacement), and on the other hand the submersible (so-called dynamic or variable displacement). There are also different systems that allow the submarine to control the depth, through gases under pressure, pumps,… And all this should be treated with great care so that it works properly at all times and allow the operation of the submarine, while the Fund will be. Generally, and more when you first start, is often put a rope or security thread attached to the submarine, so that if for some reason I fail the mechanism or not we knew to bring the submarine back back, not lose it, but that by pulling the rope we could recover it.

– Airboats: this type of vehicle was created to overcome the barrier of scroll through different types of terrain. They are vehicles propelled by a propeller at the rear of the vehicle with a flat bottom on the helmet surface, sometimes it’s an air mattress as in the overcrafts, which allows you to slide over different surfaces. The most common is that go over the water (as rafts of the swamps, that vegetation floating, can not carry propeller underwater, since it would break every so often or I would stick it in objects or floating vegetation). Therefore in the case most known of the overcraft, your mattress of lower air attached to the propulsion by the rear propeller makes that you can scroll through water, snow, soil… But with a series of disadvantages, such as the reduced maneuverability, hinder its handling, since we must anticipate much control of the vehicle to get you to take it where you want. in general it can be entertaining and recommendable if we tend to be highly variable terreos as mentioned and we want a versatile solution. Even there are some users who have dared to fabricate your own Airboat.

If you have any questions of any of the terms outlined, you can search in the Encyclopedia of radio control Rc Wiki, where also comes the Spanish translation.