Redley: Utility and Sports Clothes

Influence of sports and multipurpose clothes that become winning new uses are part of the winter of Redley, who opened the fifth day of the Fashion Rio. And winter is mostly black, even though it appears in graphic compositions alongside white and more at the end, mixed with a lot of color.

Sports – especially the universe of bikers-help create the modeling, the cut of the clothes and finishes, as side laces in dresses and apparent zippers. Utilitarianism emerged in maxibolsos and in compartmented vests and even dresses-bag and shirt-backpack. The matelasse is in coats, which also have double abotoamentos. The modeling is straight and dry, with short lengths (including men’s pants). See sports clothing on

There is also a print of tailoring Department, well street, in jackets and very colored in white shirts with black patchworks. The use of nylon in horizontal lines creates new textures next to cotton. The austere chart, almost dark, lit by accessories such as shoes, and Golden shades of violet, purple with pinches of red, orange. The knitting makes a virtue of stamping.

Was the last German Jüergen Oeltjenbruns collection, which was seven parades with the brand.