Review Of Mini Tent Pack, Fit (New Version)

Series Small Tents: we follow with the series of reviews about small tents, for one or two people. The goal is to assist adventurers in the choice of equipment according to your profile. We inform you about the features and functionality of each, differentiating tents tents techniques generalists, and we indicate the best options for treks, Wild camping or structured. Mini tent Pack, Fit, is included in this group of tents.

The tent Mini Pack (or Minipack or Mini-Pack) is a small tent, super easy to assemble, with only a support rod according to Has a great finish on all the seams and details! In the package reportedly is for one or two people, but for two is very limited. Is a tent with great positive traits and but a few negative points. See below for the detailed information and the video supplement to this review.
NEW VERSION: Mini tent Pack, as well as Nepal, has gone through an update recently. This model we did the review this is the new version, which is currently for sale.
Structure: the Mini Tent Pack is a small tent, super easy to assemble, with only one support Rod so that it is not self-supporting, IE not stay assembled without fixing the espeques. This causes your use be complicated on hard floors, like rock or cement.
Door X Rain/Stars: an important feature of your structure is that, by having only a rod, the door of the tent has a sloping angle, which means when it’s raining and you open the sobreteto inevitably it rains inside the tent. Or, if it’s stopped raining, and you’re rolling the wet sobreteto door, she’ll also dripping inside the tent.
So, although the fabric having excellent resistance and don’t pass up this water input shape is really limiting with regard to rain. To be camping for a while I would advise improvise some canvas covering at least part of the door. We consider this one of the major downsides of this model.
But to offset this negative point, that same port inclined gives the camper the unusual ability to sleep inside the tent looking at the stars! That’s right, if it’s not raining, let the sobreteto open and you can lie, inside the sleeping bag and watching the sky (or what there is above your tent). This is really cool!
Size: tent room has 1 m tall at the highest (and is quite narrow at the top). The length is 2.45 m in the central part, where is longer and 1.35 m wide along. These measures are made by us, but it is natural that there is a little variation (especially depending on the way of measuring).
On the packaging the indication is for use of 1 or 2 people, however due to format your space is rather limited for two people and the normal is disclose it only as a tent for 1 person, which is what we consider ideal. Use for two people is limited to a couple of small people and preferably only to sleep since two people moving at the same time inside the tent is kind of complicated.
Resistance: As commented above the Mini Pack has a great resistance to rain, with a 6,000 mm water column in both the sobreteto as in the floor and obviously comes with sealed seams (electronically).
With respect to the winds, if properly mounted (with all espeques and the strings tied to the sobreteto internal rod), she must resist well the normal winds. I believe that very strong winds directly by the front the back can force a little the material, but as it is of excellent quality and finish, I find it very difficult to break or RIP.
Attachment points/espeques: the tent has 6 fastening points in fourth and 9 fixing points on sobreteto, which would total 15 espeques needed. However this model only comes with 13 espeques, which means that some espeques which make the fixation of the room should also be used to hold the sobreteto. To make the Assembly we think the best place to be in common use are the two side points, but was only an impression that we had during our mounts. You can choose to share the stanchion in another point to find more suitable, however much attention to the back of the tent where, placing fourth and sobreteto the same sobreteto tissue stanchion can be touching in the fabric of the room, which is not the correct (and could cause some infiltration).
Or better still, if you have extra espeques home doesn’t cost take 2 more units and so make the tent keep the best editing possible.