Road Cycling: Overcoming, Commitment And Teamwork

A collective sport, characterized by the perception, decision and execution of each athlete, to adapt and solve problems of each race.

Road Cycling Overcoming, Commitment And Teamwork

“To fight for their ideals and the team until the last moment, without being defeated ever,” that is the philosophy of every cycling competitor en route. A modality of team competition that has been increasing in the last decades, leaving athletes totally outstanding in this sport.

Cycling on the road or also known as cycling on the road is a sport that can become very demanding: It is a confrontation between two or more teams consisting of a position dispute to get the finish to the goal in better conditions to Through the simultaneous participation of peers and adversaries, using paved roads as common space.

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The first associations of cyclists were created in Italy, Holland and Spain, but they were humble groups of small amateur clubs. Later, the first French national association was created that created the first cycle championship in France.

Without any specialization, these associations were practically based on track cycling and road cycling, as there were hardly any other modalities. The riders disputed both disciplines from the 300 meters of track to the more than 100 kilometers of the route. However, it can be said that cycling took a certain advantage by organizing its first world championship in 1895, counting with tests of speed and medium background.

Currently in our country, there are groups such as the Federation Ciclista de Chile (FECICHILE) that organize the calendars and regulate cycling competitions in Chile, or other more individual that are established to gather fans of this sport. Although the international triumphs achieved by Chilean cyclists are not very competitive, there are some that have marked the history in the international aspect, especially the athletes of Curicó, city that is known as the “capital of cycling”.

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The technique

This ability is the succession of movements, positions and activities of the development of the practice of road cycling. Some runners pedal with their toes down. Probably the best example is the great French cyclist Jacques Anquetil, one of the five times winner of the Tour de France. Other runners pedal with their feet almost horizontally throughout the pedaling circle, such as “The King” Eddy Merckx.

The technique involves the complete mastery of efficient motor structures, which allow to achieve the highest sports performances in the most difficult conditions of competition.

Types of competences

Road cycling proposes four types of test: the classic, the stage races, the individual time trial and the team time trial.

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The classic tests are those that are developed in a single day and are part of the online races. On the other hand, the races by stages are those that are disputed over several days and that have several parts. The times obtained in the course of each stage are summed up to give rise to a general classification by time.

Finally, time trials are the third largest family of road races. Unlike in online, classic or staged races, the time trials are played alone or in teams, with departures separated by a certain time.

A world-renowned sport with different tests and skills, which undoubtedly requires a lot of concentration and technique, but above all, the three indispensable conditions for each athlete: overcoming, commitment and teamwork.


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