Samsung Galaxy S5 Active For the First Time Appeared in Videos

The South Korean company Samsung plans to release some other models of the current flagship Galaxy S5. As reported by the British Technikblog TK tech, a special outdoor version in stores will come. These are the Samsung Galaxy S5 active, which can be used due to various robust properties especially in the open air, without that there is a danger that the Smartphone in a fall breaks down.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 active is already seeing in a first Hands-On video. Allegedly, Samsung will probably make any changes of the technical components and customize only the certification according to IP67 standard when the chassis so that neither dust nor water have a chance to be able to get inside. Visually, the parallels with the Galaxy S5 are also very good to see. However, the housing has also significantly more robust in direct comparison. So Samsung opts for perhaps an additional coat made of rubber, which is designed to protect your smartphone from falls and bumps. However, it is also likely that it revolves only around a case that can be seen in the video. How Samsung the Galaxy S5 active specifically will proceed remains to be seen.

Physical buttons at the Galaxy S5 active

Compared to the current Smartphone flagship of Samsung South Koreans integrate a home button or sensor keys, also what is also attached due to the outdoor nature. Emerges from the video also, that Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 801 processor will be used. The same applies to the Super AMOLED display, which dissolves in full HD.