Samsung Strikes Back Denouncing Nvidia by Falsifying Their Benchmarks

We already knew that the legal battle initiated by Nvidia against Samsung and Qualcomm would not stay there, but we had to wait more than two months to meet the next chapter of litigation.

Today we have known the answer of the Korean giant Samsung, which is fighting back to Nvidia with a cross complaint, in this case due to falsify the results of the benchmarks than us hardware manufacturer has used to say that its Tegra K1 is the world most powerful chipset.

Should be recalled that Nvidia complaint focused on the violation of seven patents related to lighting, shaders and graphics processing technologies. Patents that apparently Qualcomm and Samsung would have infringed by not licensing its intellectual property after use on the modifications made to the Adreno GPU and ARM Mali integrated chipsets Snapdragon and Exnos respectively.

Samsung says now that the Santa Clara lie by announcing that Nvidia Tegra K1 is superior to Exynos 5433 that assembles the Galaxy Note 4 in some of its variants, denouncing the fact by misleading advertising, because the Nvidia Shield Tablet is advertised as “the world fastest mobile processor” device.

On the other hand, NVIDIA denies have clearly altered the evidence (e) indicates that the software tested on the device is exactly the same which are available to users when they take their Shield Tablet box. Anyway, they are cautious by declaring that it is still studying the complaint by Samsung.

As if this wasn’t enough, Samsung has also claimed infringement of six patents by Nvidia, something that Americans “are already waiting and it was predictable”. We will have to wait to see how is all of this, although these patent wars continue looking quite useless to us.