Self-Assurance And Shirtdress By Petite-Fashion

I had a birthday-on Sunday and as ordered, the summer came back to Munich. But this weekend there were still so many other nice people birthday, since the sun probably could not help….?

This is not the case with the lionies and gentlemen, but self-esteem is lacking for most of us. Or do I hear protest? And self-confidence, I would find a great blog theme-just if you had birthday… and also want to write about Petite-Fashion.

…and over 40 is. I think I came to the world as a totally self-confident Löwenkind, but in my family, as far as I remember, I have not arrived so well…. In hindsight, I can understand that well. No idea of ​​anything-but always at the front with is sometimes very exhausting-besides, I was as cheeky as Oskar. I believe that in a child one must not speak of self-awareness. Children are more self-sufficient because they lack the ability to criticize their own behavior.I guess this is a job.

Looking In The Mirror

Today, my son keeps me there a mirror, in which I do not always like to look… On the other hand, I bring a huge understanding of his “behavioral aberrations”, even if this is really hard for me sometimes. In addition, much of my childhood will be clear to me in the future… just the things that I used to feel as mega unfair… The chance to take this perspective is, for me, the greatest gift my children make to me… moment, I just have to go over My son, who blames the table tennis, the bat, the ball, the rest of the world, that he has not won… I just talked about a gift ??? Ahem… well…? It has two sides.

Siblings Educate Somehow

And I also believe that siblings are very well suited to expel one of these selfless peculiarities. For me, the at least works very well…?And also when I found the then still totally stupid, it has probably really brought something. I know very well today who I am, what I can and can not do. Where my mistakes lie… and where my strengths are and what work is still to be done. At least, most of the time? And I believe my sisters have contributed a great deal to that I know this today…

Combination Question-Shirtdress By Petite-Fashion

Most of the time, I also know that I should not shop at Petite-Fashion and still, to know something helps sometimes only to a limited extent. I think the sentence can be transferred to many areas of life… In any case, I had seen a combo with Wendy’s Lookbook with a shirtdress and was immediately in love… and then my combinist was awakened and besides, I had a spark of hope that I could wear the dress anyway… so as a dress.

I can report, that is synonymous with a proper portion of self-confidence is not quite as good… so I put myself in my closet, tried, discarded and combined as crazy and two great partners for the dark blue Petite dress found. A variation with denim shorts and one with my blue skirt and I’ll show you today on The dress would have given it also in a regular length, but I believe that it suits so briefly synonymous to the Lederhose… in the autumn then. So hopefully not so soon and now wish you ne magical week dear all!