Shoes: Color Guava Will Be Featured Next Summer

The colors promise to come back with full strength next summer. Judging by what was seen on the international catwalks, the Brazilian collections for spring/summer 2013 should reflect the trends of European and North American summer.

There, the highlights were shod with irregular and diverse prints. Between the differentials are colored raffia (or in various shades of the same color), the abstract, a watercolor floral striped, and mirrored the neons and primed in zig-zag, bringing ethnic inspiration.

As for the colors, the Fun Game trend, a rereading of the Color Block, will be in great evidence, bringing the colors guava, watermelon, and carrot, softened by neutral tones and also by creamy tones.

Anticipating releases exclusively for visitors to the international exhibition of leather and footwear (SICC), event for retailers and that became a reference in national fashion industry calendar, the shoe brand Piccadilly presented in late May that models a break in relation to their previous collections, revealing an unprecedented design, amazing and colorful.

Among the materials used for the brand for the summer collection are varnish, Microfiber, to napa, the soft, the vegetable and the mirror.

Guava Color Will Be Featured

In past seasons with a certain discretion, guava color promises to be the highlight in the spring/summer collections, guaranteeing a look full of character and casualness.

Tint that varies between the coral and pink, this color wins more and more space and is a reference to the warmer seasons of the year.

In addition to bringing liveliness and joy to look, the color is versatile and can be guava used both in everyday life and for a more elaborate production night, harmonizing with different colors such as white, Brown, beige, nude and even with the green water.

Inspired by this supertendência the Piccadilly has created shoes that promise to please the most classy to the wildest, all with lots of charm and style. See


Woolrich Elemental Printed Tank Hot Guava

Woolrich Elemental Printed Tank Hot Guava