Skater Skirt, Colors and Looks for You

The Skater Skirt is that model that brings high waist and short round, guaranteeing daring, relaxed and quite freshness for women, in addition to making them even more beautiful.

Also called skater skirt should be made in good trim fabrics ensuring a pretty proportional look for women.

The length can range from short to knee length, and allows a pleated skirt to look pleated but unarmed , and this model is inspired by the skater models of ice skaters. And as you see, they are versatile because they match almost everything.

So, for you to wear a Skirt Skirt Skirt model is nothing complicated, since you can bet on combining it with blouses, regalia, croppeds, shirts, blazers, and even shirts, jackets and jackets, vests, they look perfect.

And if you want a well-striped look, you can still cast the look with a nice pair of sneakers, it’s comfortable and perfect.

These models of skirts are really fashionable, and have even pleased the famous, who invest in the most varied productions, making incredible combinations and that serve as inspiration.

And if you’re a modern woman, you’re sure to invest in a model so that it allows you a stripped-down look, elegant, very feminine and that values the different body shapes.

In jeans, leather, cotton, chiffon, silk, neoprene, mesh and other fabrics, Skater skirt can earn varied prints , such as floral, tribal, abstract, among others, and even softer colors in the candy color trend, in shades neutral or still in colorful tones, guaranteeing choice for all tastes.

And if you do not want to wear your Skater skirt model with sneakers, you can wear low-heeled or heeled sandals, sneakers and even soft shoes. Timeless, they go for both summer and winter, just adapt the look.