Small Glove Knigge

Gladiators without them never placed themselves in a duel, Kings sent them as a sign of their stately protection and they were the ladies as a pledge of love. Today, little remains of its former value, symbol, but do we they don’t miss especially on cold autumn days like these – our gloves. The gentleman blog has put together all sorts of useful information related to this traditional accessory and reveals how you can tell a good Mr. glove.

By the pledge of love to the practical accessory

In the 19th century it was absolute gaffe, to reach another naked out on arrival. Rather, it commanded the label several times a day to change the gloves to be accurately dressed for every occasion. Not at this time, material, color and ornament of the gloves represented the social status of the wearer. Archaeologists equal 27 pair of stately grave goods discovered already in the tomb of Tutankhamun. The Roman Gladiators had the glove, however, purely practical purposes and made it possible to get the opponent literally in the handle. But the mutual history of the glove is not finished yet.

In the middle ages , the King sent his glove to a city symbolic to witness his protection. A feudal Lord was given the glove of his subordinates, however this sealed a new feudal relationship. Extreme care was again offered the glove right in front of the feet fell one. Such a gesture was used as an open Duel challenge. However, because the glove was also first Liebesbande enough of struggle, violence and slavery. Actually, about the Knight expressed his feelings by the Miss, he entrusted his perfumed gloves.

More – sophisticated accessories for cold days

Today, gloves are primarily functional companions in the cold, wet season. However, there are significant differences with regard to the quality. Similar to bag and shoes , the form primarily is a matter of taste in the glove. But, whereas mittens in women may be as yet “adorable”, many men still for the classic mittens. We assume so once the choice falls on the traditional version, high-grade workmanship and high quality materials are crucial for fit and appearance.

1. the outer material

Elegant men’s gloves are usually made of leather. Especially the supple kidskin enjoys among the materials of popular, because it is equally smooth, durable and resistant to moisture. The exceptional flexibility, low weight and the pleasant touch are among the positive effects of goat leather. For the classic dress code that leather is perfect.

Buckskin models are a track failed and yet not too intrusive to classify. Her special charm unfolds only at second glance. Casual observer the subtly textured deerskin, however, hardly by his counterpart made of leather can be different and equally excellent quality characteristics.

Wild boar leather gloves have a clearly more conspicuous creature. His individual bristle channels are unmistakably on the outside and harmonize so well to the modern leisure wardrobe like a suit.

2. inside material

No matter whether goat, deer or wild boar leather – gloves must sit comfortably in first place and protect the hands from wind, rain and cold. At this point, it is so, closer to inspect the Interior material, this primarily decides the comforts of the gloves.

Cousin soft and smooth high-quality leather gloves are often equipped with cashmere that comes from the homonymous plateau goat. As an alternative, also models made of rabbit fur offer for particularly frosty temperatures. Exterior and Interior material of gloves will find our good pleasure, once ultimately just the design must satisfy.

Bottom line: Remains whether the gloves Fit later in a harmonious arrangement with the other clothing or accents but deliberately, often as a matter of personal taste.