Smoking in Pregnancy Facts

Cigarette smoke contains well-250 toxic and carcinogenic substances, involving a smoking endangers his health. Smoking in pregnancy, we threaten not only our own health, but also that of our unborn babies.

Smoking in Pregnancy Facts

Possible effects of smoking in pregnancy

Nicotine is an insidious chemicals. “Smoking during pregnancy can have different effects on the development of the embryo. The toxins in cigarette smoke to the child pass through the umbilical cord. The carbon monoxide inhaled while smoking causes that the child is worse supplied with oxygen and nutrients and the heart beats faster”, as Michaela Goecke by the Federal Centre for health education (BZgA). The neurotoxin nicotine, which has a vasoconstrictor effect and affected the development of the lung, passes also through the mother to the embryo. “The risk for a premature or miscarriage is increased,” so Michaela Goecke.

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Babies of smoking mothers are usually smaller and often suffer respiratory diseases such as asthma. Allergies as well as cleft lip and palate are also more frequent. Therefore: “smoking is the most important preventable risk factor for successfully running pregnancies. Who smoking during pregnancy or before stops, improved decisively the starting conditions of the babies. We advise therefore all pregnant women and women intending to become pregnant to an immediate stopping of smoking”, so Michaela Goecke by the BZgA.

Caution: Even passive smoking in pregnancy is bad for mother and child. The partner smokes he should do it as far as possible outside the apartment and not in the vicinity of the pregnant women.

Smoking in pregnancy–it’s never too late to quit

Anyone become pregnant , should best before the pregnancy with the quit smoking. Because smoking reduces fertility. It is never too late to quit smoking during pregnancy. Will you stop before the 15th week of pregnancy, significantly decreases the risk for a premature birth, as well as complications!

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, By the way: A rumor is that cold smoke Turkey is harmful to the embryo. You must not to gradually reduce the amount of cigarette, but you can stop from one day to the next. Assistance in the withdrawal of the smoke is there among other things by the BZgA.

After the birth: passive smoking harms the infant

After the pregnancy directly with smoking start? Not a good idea. Michaela Goerke: “for mother and child is even after the birth the best to stay smoke-free. Ingredients of tobacco smoke by the infant can be recorded via the mother’s milk. Protects the baby from the dangers of secondhand smoke, including the increased risk for sudden infant death syndrome is one. a smoke-free environment”

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