Sneakers By Gola-Casual Shoes For Everyday Life

There seems to be no end, but do not worry. remains a blog for the man of the world and does not orient itself towards the shoe and sneaker blog. Before it goes again with usual contributions to topics around the man from today, I would like to introduce you still the sneakers of the brand Gola. The success story of the brand began in 1905 in a small factory in England. After more than 100 years, the British traditional company has long since become a renowned lifestyle brand and you have seen their sneakers and bags already in one or the other shop.

Since its first appearance in 1905, the Gola brand has truly experienced a roller coaster ride, with many ups and downs. Thus, the brand survived two world wars and many other problems and worries before it emerged as an outstanding sports brand in the 60s and 70s.

Economically difficult times in the 1980s pushed Gola gradually to change the market direction. This was the beginning of the production of lifestyle models for the broad masses. The desired success, however, was left out and the company was sold to the Jacobson Group. This began to re-launch older models and Gola to miss a retro image, which has been underlined since 2000 with the Gola Classic Line.
In the Sneakern of the brand Gola one thinks consciously or unconsciously to the model introduced in 1968 Harrier, which initially served as a sports shoe for volleyball, badminton or squash before it was worn as a fashionable cult shoe on the street. Even today, the Harrier model can be found in the Gola collection.
One of the couples I’ve got to photograph and get to know the Gola brand is the Quota model. This is set on a gray upper, which contains colored accents in the form of the Gola typical emblem in a blue hue. The white sole sits well off the dark upper, with a blue line in the sole creating the connection to the colored accent in the upper. The Gola lettering is found in the heel of the sneaker as well as on its sides.

Update: With this sneaker, unfortunately, after a short time of wearing on the heel, a piece of plastic came out, which was inserted there to give the heel stability. I unfortunately did not like it, because shoes should be a little longer. Therefore, when first unpacking your shoe, pay attention how thin/thick the fabric is at this location.

“Gola plimsoll, Gola Quota is a fashion inspired trainer. Quota features a washed canvas upper to give an authentic worn look “

The second pair is a high-top sneaker (model quaker) which comes in a blue / dark blue combination. The upper has a brighter blue, with dark blue accents, similar to the quota model. This dark blue also separates the white sole from the upper of the sneaker. This sole also has a blue line which creates a certain color connection between the upper and the sole. As with the Quota you can find the Gola lettering on the sides as well as in the heel of the sneaker.
I like the sneakers of the brand Gola quite well, really casual shoes for everyday life as I find. These are definitely not only chic, but also comfortable to wear. My personal favorite is currently the Quota, as I have had a long-term low-profile sneaker more and just fits in the summer. Which of the two models do you like better?
Meanwhile the photo with our cat Mia actually belongs to every contribution with carton. The little one just can not keep away from the boxes, but personally I prefer it than if you pass the sneaker. If you want to learn more about Gola’s sneakers, check out ShoeFrantics.