So Are The New Shortcuts from The Icons to The 3D Android 7.1 Touch in The Google Pixel

No, the new Google Pixel do not carry screens sensitive pressure Touch Touch/Force 3D technology, but if that has implemented those shortcuts or quick actions that can be accessed directly by clicking on the icons of the apps that Apple premiered on your iPhone with iOS 9 6S.

7.1 Android Nougat arrive the Launcher Shortcuts, or what is the same, the new direct accesses from the icons of the applications, and the Google Pixel Launcher has been implemented in the following way:

Launcher Shortcuts

With one Press, extended over the application icon will appear under a design by sandwiches each of the shortcuts that you allow us to do. For example in Google Maps Navigation can start it was our home or work, or in Google Calendar appears the options to create a reminder or an event.

These new shortcuts also allows us to add to the home screen access direct making a touch long on the right icon that shows each sandwich. If we want to close the list of quick shortcuts just will have to play on either side of the screen.

If you want to add an application to the home screen, change the position of your icon or remove it will have to make that long press and then drag the icon.

This is the implementation and interface that has made Google in their new Android 7.1 shortcuts Pixel. They are the manufacturers and developers who have to implement this new functionality in their applications launchers. For example, Action Launcher came forward with their own implementation.


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