Sony Releases Xperia Themes, a Repository of Themes for Your Devices Xperia

Sony does not want to be news only by their devices, and is that following the introduction of its new Xperia Z2 and Xperia Tablet Z2 company already gave more steps to continue to grow its Xperia ecosystem with the release of its Socialife news aggregator.

Today announced another step with Xperia Themes, and is that although Sony already included a theme Manager on their devices as well as other manufacturers as Oppo or Xiaomi, the Japanese did not have until the date of a repository where search and download other themes.

Sony they have long been committed to customizing their devices, but the selection of topics that were included with the Xperia UI was very short, so Android 4.3 update for Sony terminals included functionality that we have not had much news so far.

It’s Xperia Themes, an improvement of the Sony theme Manager It allows to change the look of our device in a simple way, without requiring superuser privileges or installing complicated software packages use.

Xperia Themes extends the customization capabilities and opens them to other developers

With Xperia Themes not only modify the palette of colors, but it also icons, you can change the appearance of the bar of notifications, folders, etc..

You can choose a theme that Sony has default just happening so far, but added the possibility of Download Play Store themes developed by other users, that you can upload it to the Google app store to make it easier to find them under the heading “Xperia Themes” and download them. Note that in our country, they will appear as “Theme Xperia™”.

Sony announces that there are already nearly 300 supported themes in Play Store, and consider the possibility that in the future you can the changes must also be applied to proprietary applications Sony to keep the overall aesthetics of each topic.

Certainly a movement is good for Xperia devices users, who can customize native and easily their terminals, even with the designs of other users. And you, what seems Xperia Themes?