Style Snap: Bags And The Rest

Good shoes are a must. But what about bags or briefcases, specifically? Apply similar strict rules as for the combination of shoes and belts, or this accessory must be just practical? Pocket expert Julia Munder Maxwell Scott shows the Gentleman Blog, what man should be aware when in use.

Pockets accentuate the personal style

Imagine, you enter a meeting room and put your briefcase so naturally and nonchalantly on the Conference table. Then get the files required for the meeting and papers out of his pocket, take it off the table to greet maybe one or the other colleagues and prepare then for content for the upcoming meeting.

Who doesn’t know this situation? For four years as a pocket and style expert, active, this scenario is more than familiar, sharpens up the look for women’s and men’s briefcases with the time but immensely. Here, I find again and again that many gentlemen place unfortunately little value on your pocket. Here arises the question of why the perfectly fitting suit, leather belt matched to the shoes and the polished leather shoes are not combined with an equally fine leather Briefcase?

A high-quality Briefcase is pair of shoesfor the modern gentleman as important as a good, if not even more important. Lying on the table is a direct eye-catcher that is your calling card, the Briefcase and should represent your standard and positively noticed.

Carefully select the size, material & color

At the time of purchase is focusing on high quality and natural materials like for example naturally tanned leather that is durable and classy at the same time. In addition, the Briefcase should be chosen not too big. Before you buy, think about what you wear every day with him, and then choosing a model. The bag is at first too large, it is often unnecessarily overloaded.

Industry determines the bag model

In terms of style blur the boundaries between business and leisure. Whether as a business case or modern man this season are bag – sporty, elegant and simple soft Briefcase leather and College bags in the trend. But also classic briefcases of leather or even the narrow portfolio can be found in the new collections of well-known manufacturers. Gentlemen, which work like banking or are active in the legal profession, in a working environment with very formal dress code should still reach for classical models or even a traditional Briefcase.

Technical color warm brown tones like Brown and cognac be worn this year. It is mainly dark brown recommended because it can be combined easily with jeans as well as a classic suit. Black is still the corporate classics.

Last, but not least, I would like to clean up with an old prejudice. Briefcase or attaché case are an investment for years, so the color not always on the shoes must be coordinated – the quality must be however.

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The author

This post comes from Julia Munder MaxwellScott. In her articles for the gentleman blog supplies readers with all sorts of information and practical tips to leather, travel and business bags of all kinds.