Style This Spring 2012 Preppy Has Name: McNeal

As of the preppy style It is something that all brings us headache. While some defend him and idolize him, others seem a sovereign kitsch not leading anywhere. For tastes the colors, but I can not deny, is that carried well get to have that point between young, informal and elegant and distinguished sure that ever has struck many.

For this reason, the new campaign of McNeal for the season Spring/summer 2012 It is only the most fresh and youthful preppy we could imagine style-oriented. You can more or less to please but by take a look we lose nothing.

It’s a style that It has its roots in the America of the years 70 and 80. Therefore, the allusions to the nation are fairly common either in the form of American flags used as prints or small alphanumeric marks on clothes.

Bow tie It is the essential element in all the outfits that software called preppy. Combines with sweaters, blazers, cardigans and shirts very different colors though as we will see, the Red is present in all of them.

If we are looking for more distinction and elegance when it comes to clothing, the options with blazer and skinny pants or straight are a good choice. Trying to find the most colourful chromatic combinations (again the Red kicks in) and puts the end point to the set or tie or bow tie.

For the hottest days the choice of Bermuda or combined with polo shorts It is a basic that never fails. Since the Islanders here is more difficult to handle due to the scarcity of fabric in the garments, is preferred to expand the chromatic range to be eligible for the same garment in different colors. Nautical are the favorite footwear.

If we seek for our plug-ins, can be found from borsalinos that will give us that summer touch or scarves with printed paisley and geometric…

… up to bow ties with all kinds of prints or narrow-body neckties ideal for more casual looks. In regards to footwear, from loafers and nautical up to the colorful summer sandals.

In short, a collection in which the color is not something that shines precisely by their absence, with lot of style and ideas more or less biased and that for those who find something perfect for the spring and summer preppy style, insurance that makes the mouth water.