Stylish Summer Shorts

Want to enjoy the hottest season of the year with charm and elegance. Bet Beach exits. Beautiful, they give a touch more on the look and can be used at any time of the day

With the arrival of summer, always beats one doubt: what to wear over bikinis and swimsuits? That’s where the beach exits. To cover the body without having to wear clothes of the day-to-day, the outputs are in shirts, gowns or handkerchiefs, take the streets increasingly colorful and full of style, I love and have several!

Because of the wide range of models, beach exits have gone far beyond the beaches, clubs and swimming pools. You can bet this dress for a walk at lunch with the class, since the template you are using is not transparent and cover the entire region of the hip.

Stylish Summer Shorts 1

As the arrival of high temperatures, it is important that your beach items fall into the body always so light and comfortable. To get even more in the mood for summer, look for models with bright colors and full of stamps, is in cangas, dresses, tunics or gowns.

Types of outputs and how to use them
With so many brands beach wear, today it is possible to find different models of beach runway exits, since those that serve specifically to cover bikinis and swimsuits, even those that can be adapted for other times of the day. Take a look at the different options:

The dress is the most versatile piece for anyone who needs a look that meets not only the function of the body, how to create a stylish and comfortable look. Choose dresses of lightweight fabrics such as natural fibres. Lese and income are also good options. Neutral colors, such as white and beige, match any color in a bikini. Now, if you prefer a printed dress, give preference to plain bikinis or with colors that match the color of the piece.

Shorter than the dress with v-neck, the robe is more fluffy and usually it’s pretty emblazoned. Not to take any chances, try putting a tunic under shorts after the beach appear an invitation for a happy hour. The important thing is to keep and class and not go around showing what should not.

Stylish Summer Shorts 2

Shirt or smock
Beautiful and classic, shirts and robes are super high this summer. They can be used as well as the tunic over the bikini. To do this, simply choose pieces that are longer and that reach up to the butt. Just be sure to match the color of the shirt or bump your bikini. Is much more chic and elegant.

Shorts and shirt
If you have a combination hard to miss on your swimwear, is the set shorts and shirt. Easy to adapt to your closet, just choose comfortable parts and lightweight fabrics with the suggestion of How about letting the look with man, fleeing the jeans and betting in colorful shorts? For younger women, a good option is abusing the cropped blouses that leave the belly fully on display.

Little monkeys
New this summer, the monkeys came to be in 2016. Practical and comfortable, are the right choice for who will give a woman after the beach, whether in a restaurant or even at the supermarket.

Cover or scarf
You know that yoke you now? Try to turn it into a dress or pareô. The secret? Is it just tie it in various ways, creating a different look by day. Look beautiful and practical!

End of questions
I still don’t know which model of beach items to choose? Attention to these tips:

The best fabrics: time to buy your beach items, opt for lightweight fabrics, which are very fluid and that do not have heavy textures, such as natural fibers. Worth betting on silk, cotton and linen.

Stylish Summer Shorts 3

Look at combinations: the best way to combine your output with your bikini is choose a color print and use this same colour bikini likes to mix prints? Bet both the Bikini and in the printed output. For this, choose prints that have common colors and relationship with each other.

For the meatier: prefer Beach exits to run away from transparency and prints vertically. The best is to bet in neutral colors and measures to reduce, with the black.

Women Brunettes: the exits of beach with light colors are ideal for women of brown skin, emphasizing the your color and leaving it to face the summer. The ideal color? The White! The look is beautiful and classy.

Already for the shorties: prefer shorter Beach exits and try to match it with sandals a little higher, as clogs. This combination is perfect to elongate the silhouette.

How they use
Needing inspiration? Take a look at how celebrities have combined their bikinis and beach to enjoy a day at the beach!

So, what template do you like better?