Switel Esmart H1: Everything Just Swiss Cheese?

Test conclusion: what you should know

The debut of the Swiss Switel succeed quite well with the esmart H1. The outlandish designs, sharp display and high tempo certainly speak for the Smartphone. Looking for true Swiss values but to no avail, because the battery firmly built, somewhat lean and the disappointing performance of the camera hold the device away to turn out as price-performance tip. Other manufacturers get the Samsung Galaxy S5 neo with tighter memory, much less the Huawei P8 Lite, which is equipped only with a HD display as much more offered for some extra cash. Best price on the Internet: 247,95 Euro * Pro jewellery design order this product at Amazon sharp display dual-SIM or expandable memory high operating tempo against small battery firmly installed slow camera with moderate photo quality assessment of editorial satisfying user rating now write a straight only fluttered the Spaniard Aquaris M4. 5 and Aquaris X 5 by BQ in the Newsroom, already there is a new smart phone made in Europe. This time the views in Switzerland to the esmart H1 switel wanders. The practice test shows whether the device is the hottest export hit since DJ Bobo or just old cottage cheese.

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Morons Styler

The Switel esmart H1 is about as big as the Samsung Galaxy S5, but considerably thinner. The lightweight (121 grams) with its neat design distinguishes itself from the Android crowd. A wider aluminum frame cuts off the plastic housing, the back makes a good figure with their shimmering in the light triangles also on glamorous après-ski parties. However, the dance pad is quickly becoming the slide, because the back is very smooth. Because the edges of the frame is not fully complete with the rest of the housing, the Smartphone also leaves an unpleasant sensation in the Palm of the hand. Behind a cover on the left side of the case sits a combined drive bay for optional two microsim cards or one microsim-and one microsd card. The buttons for the volume and the on / off on the right side are not so good and feel shaky. Not so great: The battery is firmly installed. This comes in the device with a (very firmly seated) screen protector and a transparent Smartphone case from plastic.

Luscious display

The 5 inches (12.7 centimeters) wide full HD display (1920 x 1080 pixels) of the esmart H1 is pretty bright, contrasty and impresses with its high sharpness. Colours look strong, viewing angle problems are hardly present. Typing and wiping movements succeed also accurately. The display reflects while significantly, remains in most situations but good recognizable.

LTE and dual Chamber

The slightly outdated Android running the esmart H1 5.1 lollipop. The battery capacity on 2,100 milliamp hours matters little if you consider that the high resolution full HD display is a real power hog. You make connections with Wi-Fi in the older n-standard on 2.4 ghz and with Bluetooth in version 4.0. The fast data connection LTE with up to 150 megabits per second is on board, you must waive the NFC. If you need to no memory expansion, a second microsim card for a dual SIM function fits into the combination slot.

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Afloat on the slope on the way

The eight core processor MT6753 by Mediatek to with trains of up to 1.3 gigahertz make sure that steam on the boiler comes. The operating speed is high, making the device in everyday use absolutely fluently and without problems. Also graphically demanding games like dead trigger 2 run without hitch. The performance in various benchmark tests is, however, not unique. Geekbench 3 ranks the Smartphone in the single-core test, just behind the somewhat elderly Samsung Galaxy S4. With the multi-core result however, passing the esmart H1 even on the Samsung Galaxy S5. Not approaching while top devices at antutu, provides a decent score from (36.719 points) but.

Expandable memory

The memory of the Switel esmart H1 consists of ordinary 2 gigabytes. The internal memory is 16 gigabytes, of which about 10 gigabytes are freely available. This is sufficient for most users. You on the dual SIM function for two microsim cards, so a microsd card, with which you watch the space in the Combi-slot request waive up to 48 GB extend

Slow photos with sweet colours

Cameras, Switel built a main lens 13 megapixels and a front lens with 5 megapixels. When outside, the rear-view camera will moderately well. Photos look slightly blurred and have significant noise. In terms of brightness and colors, there is no reason to complain. The HDR mode artificially brightens the snapshots and gives them a significant higher sharpness. Joy jumps, the images but not seduced. It fails the main camera indoors by it so garishly represents colors that a migraine attack is not excluded. For the same reason and because of the high blur pretty detail shots are also almost impossible to accomplish. Selfies with the front camera go alright, but also anything but crisp sharp. The video mode should not be better without a tripod use, as even small movements cause recordings to stutter and blur. Biggest shortcoming with the cameras is the recording time last – with the comparison test device Samsung Galaxy S6, take loose three shots while the Switel Smartphone with the first is busy. Sample photos can be found under the article to download.