Tablet PC – Sony S1 and S2 coming this September

Android tablets will continue to come. The next we expect coming from Sony is – S1 and S2.

Sony S1 Tablet PC

The European launch of Sony’s first Android tablet PC will be the 9.4 inch single screen S1 and the 5.5 inch dual screen S2 – which comes at the end of September, released by

Sony Tablet Pcs have Android Honeycomb, a Tegra SoC 2, WiFi and 3 g/4 g connectivity and will have access to Qriocity music and video service and Playstation games Suite.

Sony Sony S1 and S2

S1 and S2 are very different devices. S1 Tablet PC is a larger version with its 5.8-inch screen that takes up almost the entire front. The second tablet S2 has a 5.5 inch screen and can be folded to fit in a jacket pocket or purse. Some say that the design is not technically a tablet PC, but it runs with the same Android 3.0 OS and has much in common with S1.

Like most Tablet PC has the two Tegra dual-core processor and running version 3.0 – Honeycomb Android. Unlike other tablet Pcs come with these property to retrieve PlayStation games, get access to Sony’s Qriocity and Reader music and e-book retailers and S1 can probably also be used as a remote control for the Sony Bravia TV.

More specific details are still not published but we expect that both models will get Wi-Fi and 3 g support. Interestingly enough, these models will be released under the Vaio brand instead of the Sony Ericsson brand. S1 and S2 can also be aliased – the name can be changed before the release, perhaps.