The Great Debate: Do ‘Cool’ Fitness Or Old T-Shirts Clothing?

Rhythmic satff, yoga, basketball, Do-in, swimming… I’ve practiced all these disciplines, and always, always, began classes hipersugestionada and full of good will.

On each occasion, equip me with the appropriate clothes seemed a necessary and justifiable expenditure, a stimulus to convince definitely that had found the sport… until labour stood on the agenda and it was impossible to recover the rhythm.

Isabel de el Barrio, of On my training shoes, ensures that it is a fairly common mistake to succumb to excess of enthusiasm. “Whenever we initiated ourselves, we tend to buy the latest and more expensive. Before investing in equipment, we should see if we like the sport. “My recommendation is to invest in a good shoe, and as we continue, more technically acquire material”. The Council of Isabel, I learned to base of committing mistakes, so the last time I decided to return to exercise was with the condition that it would be able to maintain a routine before setting foot in a Sports store. I wasn’t at my first shoes and sports bra until my coach said that it was serious.

Winter arrived in Madrid. By Reyes, my roommate gave me some meshes and thermal t-shirts that used skiers under their costumes. So I held a few months. Last year I finally gave the luxury of replacing my old t-shirts with other specific running. After having finished a half-marathon, Clara Montoya is with me: “Give a garment whenever you finish a race is another incentive to train,” said the creator of the blog I not run, flight. Cotton, he explains, is a very comfortable fabric for yoga or pilates, but not running, because you don’t sweat. “To always run it is necessary to wear garments with lycra which will not cause chafing and which not only absorb the smell, also released”.

Rocío Navarro, a yoga teacher, admits that she has it easy: “I always practice nets and shirts adjusted because they allow me to check my alignment is correct and the inverted postures are kept glued to the body, but I don’t need are specific yoga, although yes I pay attention is that will be made in organic tissues, preferably cotton eco”.

Spray shop at Lululemon, Oyshoand American Apparel, but the variety of brands that exist in the fitness market is wide enough to fit any budget, especially now that the boom of women who practice exercise ranks us as a highly coveted by sports firms target , and also has fueled the interest of others that were not , but immediately noted.

The message seems clear: we devote our effort to overcome us and let that the brands are which compete by offering the best performance and the most attractive designs.